About the Gnu Kid

I am a senior middle-aged, senior mid-management minion in a large bureaucracy (I see some of you cringing in sympathy out there…good to know I’m not alone) all done in the untamed wilderness of Ohio. I have two wonderful just-adult children. My interests are varied and though I might not have anything pithy to say, By Gawd, I’m gonna say it. And, yeah, there are lots more things about me. We’ll get into all of them somewhere in my blog voyages.

What’s to be expected here? Besides efforts at trying to find my path, there will be excursions of random observations of life, both humorous and thought-provoking. I hope you enjoy your visit and will consider staying and sittin’ a spell with me.


6 Responses to “About the Gnu Kid”

  1. daisyfae Says:

    *snort* – so… what’s gnu? Welcome to the World, gnukid the blogger! Relax and have fun!

  2. stopbouncing Says:

    the first line of this produced a “baroo?”… ooh, oh oh…

  3. Parenthesis Says:

    You should have an e-mail address up here. So we can mail you stuff.

  4. lucidlunatic Says:

    Gnu… does that happen to be a Terry Pratchett reference?

  5. G Eagle Esq Says:

    or is “Gnu” a reference to the Flanders & Swan song :

    I’m a Gnu

    I’m a Gnu

    I’d like to gnash my teeth at you

    I’m a Gnu ……..

  6. Girl, unpinned Says:

    “GNU, n. An animal of South Africa, which in its domesticated state resembles a horse, a buffalo and a stag. In its wild condition it is something like a thunderbolt, an earthquake and a cyclone …” – Ambrose Bierce, in the Devil’s Dictionary.

    Came across this while searching for quotes on SA, thought I’d share x

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