Doodles #14

This next installment of my random-doodles-from-a-boring-training-class was based on a story about a gun fight between two groups of belligerents*.

From the little I was actually paying attention to the discussion, apparently the engagement involved use of hand held weapons alone.

When the speaker said the following words, this is what my mind pictured – –

a problem with definitions of 'arms'?

*belligerents: n. people who hate someone else’s fucking guts and wants to cease their life with great prejudice.


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13 Responses to “Doodles #14”

  1. dinahmow Says:

    Why does he look like Abe Lincoln?

    • thegnukid Says:

      it’s a well known fact that Abe Lincoln had short arms. one of the reasons he had a beard…couldn’t reach his face to shave. (are you buying any of this?)

  2. nursemyra Says:

    Belligerents: We have two of them currently squaring up to each other for the Prime Minister’s job

  3. daisyfae Says:

    Amish? or is that “Arm-ish”?

  4. Dolce Says:

    Schnort. The comments. Bwhaha.

    I like your style, gnu.

  5. carlae Says:

    I often write cryptic notes on the very last page of my table. Yesterday I read aloud to my husband some of my ‘thoughts’ while at the last meeting.
    “Total horseshit” Apparently pertains to all subject matter
    “Don’t fuckin call me kiddo” in response to my ‘boss’ who is younger than me when he doesn’t realize that he should actually stop talking.

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