The Battle Done

GnuKid Brother

GnuKid Brother

S, age 60, went to join his God on 10/27/2008.  He was born to JG and LV in Pennsylvania.  He is survived by his loves and joys, wife, M, daughters, K and J, and extra special grandson/son, R, sister E, and brother, GnuKid of Ohio, and many other loving family members and friends.  S served his country on active duty in the U.S. Air Force from 1970-1990, earning three Meritorious Service Medals and two Air Force Commendation Medals.  He was also a Vietnam Veteran.  After retirement, he worked with a civilian contractor continuing his previous Air Force work training crew members.  S enjoyed good times spent with military comarades, civilian co-workers, and friends.  He enjoyed playing music with Oklahoma City Traditional Music Association friends and others who enjoyed music as much as he did.  He cherished his Scottish heritage and enjoyed attending any Scottish functions, including the Highland Games.  His favorite pastimes were 1/32 scale toys, reading books of every subject matter, and listening to a wide array of music (especially classical and gospel music).  A memorial will be held to clebrate his life at 1:00 pm, Mon., Nov 3rd.  In lieu of flowers, if desired, donations may be made to Hospice Care.


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17 Responses to “The Battle Done”

  1. silverstar98121 Says:

    So sorry to hear this, Gnu. (hugs)

  2. Rob Says:

    Heartfelt condolences, gnukid, on the loss of your brother. You and your family are in my thoughts. ((hugs))

  3. The Unbearable Banishment Says:

    Ah, rats. I’m so sorry to hear that. All sympathy from my family and I.

  4. anniegirl1138 Says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Your tribute was beautiful.

  5. thegnukid Says:

    silverstar – hugs accepted and returned warmly

    rob – ditto, in a manly way, of course (my brother would be upset with me if i ever stopped with humor)

    t.u.b. – thank you, sir…

    anniegirl – thanks…written mostly by my brother, with his wife’s embellishment… i only copied, changing names to initials (and adding the link backs).

  6. leavingevangeline Says:

    Hi Gnu…I am sorry for your loss. Your brother seems like he was a really accomplished man with lots of fun hobbies and interests. What a lucky guy to have such a full life and a loving family.

    He was lucky to have you.


    I’m sending you hugs across the many miles…

  7. daisyfae Says:

    he got to paint… he was at home… sometimes that’s the best you can do (((((GnuKid)))))

  8. lucidlunatic Says:

    It’s good to know he had a full life and mustache before going on in peace. Hospice does good work. Condolences to you and your family.

  9. thegnukid Says:

    leavingevangeline – i was very lucky to have him. he kept me steady a lot of times in life when needed… i will sorely miss that stability… and the hugs arrived safe and sound, thank you.

    daisyfae – it was his choice and i respected it… and he DID get to paint more… and was home with family when he left us. great hugs, thanks.

    lucidlunatic – [laughin’] yep, he was very proud of that mustache. and kept himself fully engaged with life… a good thing…

  10. Kym Says:

    I’m sorry. As I’ve read your blog, I came to admire the calm manner he met with Death and hope I do the same some day.

  11. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    I figured that’s why you were MIA.

    Sincerest Condolences.

  12. Parenthesis Says:

    At times like this words fail me.
    So here’s a gian t hug instead xx

  13. nursemyra Says:

    sounds like he had a really good life with lots of different facets to it. being in vietnam must have been hard though sounds like he came through it a stronger person. 60 is young to die but he did so with dignity and he’s left behind a legacy of love.

    hugs from the nurse xx

  14. azahar Says:

    And hugs from Sevilla too …

  15. kyknoord Says:

    My condolences. I’m not gonna hug you, because that would be a bit – y’know – awkward. Never know where to put my hands, chin and so forth.

  16. thegnukid Says:

    kym – yes, he did rage against it as well, but for the most part did face it with calm and determination

    stephanie – that was the big reason for the ‘mia’ status… thanks for condolences

    parenthesis – no words needed… thank you

    nursemyra – he was like my mom… lboth lived life on their own terms. a way i know i need to emulate… working on it.

    azahar – thanks… international hugs absolutely accepted

    kyknoord – yeah… ummm… [manly, three thump “I’m-Not-Gay” pat on the back… thanks

  17. Mixed Emotions « The Wilds of Ohio Says:

    […] you consider my sister’s passing, along with my brother’s passing last year around this time, plus the divorce, moving out of the married home, moving into a new […]

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