The Convertible Prologue

I recently shared awhile back a morning ride in my convertible.  I got this car as an inheritance when my mother passed away.  Many other stories to share about Mom’s exploits, but I wanted to tell how she ended up with a convertible in the first place. 

My mother became rambunctious in her later years, as people sometimes do.  She would get in her mind that doing something would make her happy, so she did it… just so long as it wasn’t immoral, illegal, or broke her piggy bank.  She was also, for some reason, still concerned about what her kids thought about what she was doing.  Not that it would change her mind, but she still wanted our approval.

So, at a family reunion some time back, Mom sat us kids down and said,

“I’m 70 years old.  I’ve never owned a convertible and have always wanted one.  My next car will likely be my last car.  I’m getting one.”   

With our concerns about affordability satisfied by her, we were very supportive.  So she buys a Chrysler LeBaron convertible.  And she enjoyed the heck out of it. 

But, I’m not driving a Chrysler LeBaron convertible.  Why?  Well, a few years later, Mom sat us kids down and said,

“I’m 75 years old.  I’ve never owned a convertible Mustang and have always wanted one.  My next car will likely be my last car.  I’m getting one.”  

So, Mom’s second “last” car was a convertible Mustang; and became my reminder inheritance from her on how to live life. 

But… I often wonder what she would have told us she was going to buy the next time she would’ve sat us down… [wistful smile]


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6 Responses to “The Convertible Prologue”

  1. Rob Says:

    Good story tgk. Your mom sounds like she was quite the character. And now, you’re probably thinking the “last” “last” “last” car she got should have been a Porsche 911, eh?

  2. kyknoord Says:

    “…I’ve never owned a tank and have always wanted one…”

  3. daisyfae Says:

    So. Your Mom liked running around town topless? 🙂

  4. thegnukid Says:

    Rob – Yep and thanks. There’ll be more adventure stories of Mom.

    Kyknoord – Ahhh, if only….[longing gaze into the distance]

    daisyfaie – Well, yeah…see above when mentioning there’ll be more adventure stories of Mom… ;->

  5. silverstar98121 Says:

    I like the folks that live to the end. My dad can’t drive anymore because of macular degeneration, but that doesn’t stop him from taking his power wheelchair or scooter out on long rides, especially down on the bike trail at Cherry Creek. I learned from him, and my scooter and I go on long treks, too.
    At one time, before he moved to Denver, he used to take back roads in Pueblo to places that scared me, with him on that scooter. But all of us kids figured that if he got killed on that scooter, at least he would die happy.

  6. Remembering Mom « The Wilds of Ohio Says:

    […] observations of Mom may need to be shared as part of my self-therapy (other than the already shared convertible story). I will likely elaborate a bit more in further posts, but a quick summary of her years which most […]

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