Office conversation

Overheard at the office – – –

Woman1: “Boy, I sure get bitchy when I’m tired.”

Woman2 (sotto voce): “Sheesh, she must not get much sleep, then.”

At least I hoped it was said quietly enough…nonetheless, I prepared to run like a (smart?) coward from the likely ensuing cat fight. Too much chance of collateral damage (i.e., me).


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9 Responses to “Office conversation”

  1. Rob Says:

    Speaking of overheard, have you ever heard of this site?

    Overheard in New York

  2. daisyfae Says:

    meowch… do you have an alarm on your desk that says “DIVE!” when the cats are sabre-rattling?

  3. kyknoord Says:

    Discretion is the better part of valour.

  4. silverstar98121 Says:

    Remind me to tell you someday what my great-aunt said about living in the convent.

  5. thegnukid Says:

    Rob – Nope, haven’t seen it before…worth a visit

    daisyfae – No, we usually rely on the fur flying over the cubicle walls to know

    kyknoord – Sounds like the voice of experience there…you must be a veteran

    silverstar – I’m all ears (well..eyes, since I’ll be reading it…). But I admit to being quite intrigued

  6. nursemyra Says:

    are they your cats?

  7. thegnukid Says:

    Nope, mine fight behind my back. Could never get a picture of that. Found the picture on the web.

  8. Playing with (Fire) Words « The Wilds of Ohio Says:

    […] with (Fire) Words A couple posts ago, I referred to a brewing cat fight in the office and felt a good picture would help the story.  I happened upon the following tutorial on how to […]

  9. nursemyra Says:

    hey that’s funny about them fighting behind your back. when I was looking after a friend’s cat once I couldn’t work out why he started looking much worse for wear. the household cat we had at the time was always acting sympathetically towards him, making soft concerned mewing sounds and gentle sniffing which we all thought was so cute

    until we discovered the real truth…… I had no idea cats were capable of such duplicity…..

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