Damn Kids

When did I get old?*

Taking an exercise walk/run…okay, okay, more of a walk/vaguely-faster-shuffle…I was out in the neighborhood checking out the houses and occasional neighbor (all this to distract me from the aching of my weak-ass body).

I guess there have been issues in the past with drivers exceeding the modest 25 mph speed limit in the area, as there was one of those portable speed radars set up.  You know the kind, with the big numbers that flash if you exceed the speed limit.

speed radar

This provided lots of distraction as I would watch the numbers as drivers drove by, many of them slowing to get the sign to stop flashing at them**.

Then the young kid drove by, going in the opposite direction of the sign.  I noticed him, but didn’t give him a second thought.  That is until he turned around at the end of the road and came back towards the sign.


I watched, slightly bemused, slightly old man “what’s that damn kid doing?”-ish.

He was able to hit 54 mph in the 1/8th of a mile the radar sign was picking him up.

I looked around to see if anyone else saw, but there was no one (and, thankfully, especially kids).

Now who would purposely go faster to make the sign do what they wanted?

Oh….yeah, I would’ve been tempted as well…

…Damn Kids…


*…and, yes, I do realize the foolishness of asking such a wide open question in this forum.  I’ve teed it up, readers, give it a good whack!

**I wonder if there was the fear (as I’ve obviously had, thinking on it) that there’s also a camera in there that will nail the recalcitrant speeder and send their license plate number, with the speed over the limit, to the police.***

***This was emphasized as the next day I saw a car just like the kid’s car being pulled over by a cop.  Hmmm…. I’m getting paranoid.  Or not paranoid enough?

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5 Responses to “Damn Kids”

  1. hisqueen Says:

    I have always thought they have cameras.
    I would post more but I can’t stop giggling over the “slightly bemused, slightly old man “what’s that damn kid doing?”-ish.”

    yep, we’re old..My favorite saying is “what the hell is wrong with them”

  2. daisyfae Says:

    what a clever kid! fabulous opportunit to calibrate my spedometer! w00t! i’ll be over later…

  3. Uncle Keith Says:

    I hope you feverishly shook your cane at him and called him a whippersnapper!

  4. nursemyra Says:

    boys will be boys

  5. Rob Says:

    Your link goes to edit your old post, so we can’t see it.

    Your post reminded me of this pic.

    We only have lame-o speed signs here now. If you’re over the posted speed, the sign just says, “Too Fast”. (Well, it doesn’t say it. It just displays those words.)

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