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Damn Kids

September 24, 2009

When did I get old?*

Taking an exercise walk/run…okay, okay, more of a walk/vaguely-faster-shuffle…I was out in the neighborhood checking out the houses and occasional neighbor (all this to distract me from the aching of my weak-ass body).

I guess there have been issues in the past with drivers exceeding the modest 25 mph speed limit in the area, as there was one of those portable speed radars set up.  You know the kind, with the big numbers that flash if you exceed the speed limit.

speed radar

This provided lots of distraction as I would watch the numbers as drivers drove by, many of them slowing to get the sign to stop flashing at them**.

Then the young kid drove by, going in the opposite direction of the sign.  I noticed him, but didn’t give him a second thought.  That is until he turned around at the end of the road and came back towards the sign.


I watched, slightly bemused, slightly old man “what’s that damn kid doing?”-ish.

He was able to hit 54 mph in the 1/8th of a mile the radar sign was picking him up.

I looked around to see if anyone else saw, but there was no one (and, thankfully, especially kids).

Now who would purposely go faster to make the sign do what they wanted?

Oh….yeah, I would’ve been tempted as well…

…Damn Kids…


*…and, yes, I do realize the foolishness of asking such a wide open question in this forum.  I’ve teed it up, readers, give it a good whack!

**I wonder if there was the fear (as I’ve obviously had, thinking on it) that there’s also a camera in there that will nail the recalcitrant speeder and send their license plate number, with the speed over the limit, to the police.***

***This was emphasized as the next day I saw a car just like the kid’s car being pulled over by a cop.  Hmmm…. I’m getting paranoid.  Or not paranoid enough?


What Were They Thinking?

April 30, 2009

Another one from the “Say what now?” file…

My friend DK was in the process of enrolling her #1 daughter child in kindergarten recently.  Tons of paper work to fill out, samples requested of hair and blood (okay, just kidding), background checks to the year 1834 (yeah, kidding again…it’s only 1874), and other tomfoolery.

All this for what?  To protect the school from our litigious society?  I’m not sure…

But DK shared one of the more…ummm…intriguing (?) forms, which I have included a copy of here.  And leave it without further comment for you perusal and insight —-

Think of the children, for goodness sake...

Think of the children, for goodness sake...


October 20, 2008

My evil genius Procrastination has whispered me to tarry ‘til a more convenient season. — Mary Todd Lincoln

It’s been one of those weeks so I thought I’d… ah, hell… I’ll do this another time….

Trick Questions

May 14, 2008

As an adventure, I am pursuing my commercial pilot’s license.  Fear not, you won’t be hearing my maniacal laughter from the front of your airline jet.  This is more for me as a deputy-adjacent-assistant-auxiliary-part time career excursion.


Aside from the flying and the book knowledge, at this level there are also application questions… given a situation, can I resolve a problem knowing the rules, but thinking beyond them as well.


I did great on some and so-so on others.  Here are a couple of the latter.  Just for fun, I’m intrigued to hear how you would reply.  There are no ‘right’ answers, per se.  The instructor’s answers (and mine) are at the end – – –


1)              You are the first officer (co-pilot) on a flight crew.  You have a flight with a layover in a distant city and are in your hotel room.  There is a knock at the door of your hotel room.  You open the door… and there stands your Captain in a dress and high heels, asking you out to dinner.  What should you do?


2)             [For this one, you need to know the rule—8 hours from bottle to throttle… no alcohol within 8 hours of flying]  You have a long flight with another layover.  You were delayed due to weather and have to do the return flight in just 7 hours.  You call room service from your hotel room only to find they are closed, but they offer that the bar is still serving appetizers.  Scooting down to the bar, you walk in to see your Captain sitting at the bar with a drink in hand.  What should you do?



Question 1)  My answer:  I’d make sure his shoes matched his dress, compliment him, and politely decline.


Instructor’s answer:  Compliment her and grab your coat to go to dinner with her.


The Point?:  Think out of the box.  But, don’t be presumptuous.  This also checks to see, can you (candidate pilot) recognize and accept that women can and are in the Captain’s seat nowadays?  Maybe this one is easier for women…or younger men…  But a lady friend I quizzed on this made the same presumption as I.


Question 2)  My answer:  Taking to heart not being presumptuous [Ed. Note:  See!?!  I can learn!], I’d say to her, “Having a Pepsi, huh?  I think I’ll have a Ginger Ale.”  Then let her admit otherwise.


Instructor’s answer:  Sit down next to the Captain and tell the bartender, “I’ll have what she’s having.”


The Point?  I like the instructor’s answer.  Less confrontational than my answer, yet still allows me to find out quickly if there’s alcohol (in which case we both get blasted for the evening, cancel the flight, and likely get canned).