CI Homage Again

“The potato salad should be fine,” said Constance with a toxic twinkle in her eye.  “It’s only been out a few days.”

A fly on her plate died, screaming, beneath the ensuing avalanche of starchy wonder.

Always a connoisseur of the delicacies of the British countryside, Otto slurred lethargically, “I’ll stick with that Cornish Game Toad today.”

Meanwhile, neither of them heard the mysterious chortle wafting aromatically from the kitchen…

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13 Responses to “CI Homage Again”

  1. Kym Says:

    I got a chuckle out of the fly part and the Cornish Game Toad but the “chortle wafting aromatically” sounds too…uh…methane-y for good taste;>

  2. silverstar98121 Says:

    Aromatic chortling? I don’t think I want to know.

  3. Sassy Miss P Says:

    Nice writing Kid. Am just a bit er, mystified, as to how precisely a chortle wafts …… :mrgreen:

  4. Sassy Miss P Says:

    PS And pray tell, what does a mysterious wafting chortle smell like?

  5. Sassy Miss P Says:

    PSS And why waft? Why not caper, prance, sashay?
    Ok ok I’m going now ….

  6. daisyfae Says:

    Mom eats week-old leftovers from restaurants. She’s got the immune system of a cockroach…. Let ’em eat. Makes ’em tough!

  7. Rob Says:

    I know an old Otto, who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why, he swallowed the fly. Perhaps he’ll die.

  8. beaverboosh Says:

    I lived in the UK for years, cannot get a good cornish game toad in Norway, lot of boiled sheep head, but no cornish game toad!

  9. nursemyra Says:

    we could probably rustle up a Qld Cane Toad in the Gimcrack’s kitchen

  10. thegnukid Says:

    kym – thanks for the feedback… needed something at the end, but obviously not that, huh?

    silverstar – i thought it sounded fun, but contrary… not really fitting together, but a good pair, nonetheless. like i told kym… guess not.

    miss p – just as a child’s laughter seems to ride the air, this kind of laughter wafts. okay, i’ve got nothin’….

    miss p deux – it has a piquant smell slightly reminiscent of skunkweed.

    miss p trois – ooo, i like ‘sashay’. i can see laughter sashaying…

    daisyfae – yeah, but did she start at an early age? i’m thinking if you don’t get the iron constitution early, you’re done for later.

    rob – love that one. used to sing it to Girl Child at least once a week. she’d giggle and laugh… wafting aromatically? nah…

    beaverboosh – as long as it’s boiled sheep head. do NOT like the fricaseed sheep head.

    nursemyra – i’m sure you could… and your residents would find it delectable… (btw – broken link, dearheart)

  11. kyknoord Says:

    Never mind aromatic waftings, how does one go about “writing abusrdly”? I want a video demo.

  12. silverstar98121 Says:

    It brings to my mind burping up something really nasty while chuckling under my breath. I am rather literal-minded. Or bloody minded.

  13. thegnukid Says:

    kyknoord – by damn, someone DOES read the tags… well, sir, it’s an ancient writing method found only in the lower foothills of the upper Apple-Chain mountains in nearby West-By-Gawd-Virginia

    silverstar – ewww… point taken. quite the picture you painted.

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