Masquerage 2008

I spent a most bizarre, yet superb, evening Saturday at an event called Masquerage.  A benefit held each year to raise awareness of and funds to cure AIDS.  This year’s theme was “Outer Space Sci Fi”.

As the title suggests, it is a masquerade.  Masks of some sort are expected.  Either masks to wear or masks painted on the face.  A Dear Friend went two years ago, did do the dress up with a mask painted on her face.  She warned me that the ticket takers get militant if you’re not wearing a mask.  So, I fretted some,  But, my ‘date’ for the evening was a good theater friend, DK, who suggested complementary outfits for us to wear in line with this year’s theme, complete with face paint.  No, I’m not thinking I’ll put that picture up… yet.

I was warned about the evening being a bit bizarre, but I still wasn’t fully prepared.  There were strange and wonderful costumes… Beautiful masks… and great entertainment.

party animals

Given the nature of Masquerage, there were quite a few cross dressers in attendance.  Friend DK would

yep, that's chest hair

yep, chest hair

gleefully point out who was and wasn’t a man.  I found myself unsure, quite a few times, if she was telling the truth. The most difficult to discern were those men who had mastered “Hide the Willy”… or, in their own vernacular, the “Cock Tuck”.  There were some men who were wearing very tight hot pants… and I could not see a hint of their boy bits showing.  No, sorry, I couldn’t bring myself to point my camera at their crotch for proof.

well hid willies

Porsche her...umm himself

A favorite entertainer for the evening was Porsche who had a lovely soprano voice and belted out just about any song you could thing of (including a version of Rosemary Clooney’s “C’mon-a My House” sung in Japanese!).  I got the biggest kick when she would be singing her soprano songs, then stop in the middle and, in a rich, deep baritone, say, “Yes, I AM a man… why?”

Friend DK got drunk as a skunk and happily so.  I hit back quite a few to begin the evening, but was designated driver, so stopped and just enjoyed the rest of the drunks.

some boys were too pretty

It was for a good cause… and, oh yeah, we got swag bags… those are gifts they give you for donating.  My

they are real... foam

they are real... foam

swag bag had lots of coupons for hair styling (Nah!), a coupon for a facial (no, not *that* kind), a plastic beer glass with l.e.d. lights in the bottom, and, my favorite, a “Wet Sex Kit” with some lubricant and a condom!  Can’t wait to try out that one!

If I’m in town next year, yeah, I think I’ll go again… for the great show, on and off stage, if not for another “Wet Sex Kit”!


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13 Responses to “Masquerage 2008”

  1. silverstar98121 Says:

    I’ll take the angel…what? He’s gay? You don’t say. Sounds like a fun party.

  2. nursemyra Says:

    ditto 🙂

    bet daisyfae wishes she had been in town for this one

  3. kyknoord Says:

    So is “masquerage” anything like “road rage”?

  4. Dolce Says:

    GOD, I’m jealous! Jealous, jealous, jealous. This looks like an absolute belter of a party.

    Lucky Gnu!

  5. daisyfae Says:

    we want pics! we want pics!

    And someone definitely needs to tell the furball with the plunging neckline that the point of being a female illusionist is to be MISTAKEN FOR A WOMAN. Not to look like a middle-aged Sicilian woman before electrolysis…

  6. The Unbearable Banishment Says:

    Wow! The Ohio you describe in this post is really different from the one I left 30 years ago!

  7. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    HOOOOOOOLD the bus.

    *baroo* why do you need a coupon for a facial? I thought that came with datin…


    right. so. how about them Sox?

  8. leavingevangeline Says:

    If you aren’t willing to post pics…can’t you at least describe your attire? Puhleeeeze!

  9. Parenthesis Says:

    I love the company you keep 🙂

  10. thegnukid Says:

    silverstar – ragingly gay. but very pretty, nonetheless (no, i’m not gay, but i do appreciate ‘pretty’). i’d be happy to let him know your desires, anyway.

    nursemyra – okay, a three-way it is with silverstar and the gay, pretty angel boy. i’m sure between the two of you, that you have a chance of turning him straight.

    kyknoord – well, as i told silverstar, the only thing therre ‘ragihg’ were the ragingly gay boys. no violence.

    dolce – you are more than welcome to be my date for next year’s event. shall i reserve a ticket for you? and, yes, i had much more fun than a staright guy expected to have at such an event.

    daisyfae – okay, okay… i had to get approval from my date this year to post pics. next (or after) post will have more pictures…you are so demanding…i like that in a woman.

    t.u.b. – would you have left if it WAS like that 30 years ago? and, hmmm… amazingly enough, this all started about 29 years ago… a coincidence? (okay, yeah, an utter lie, but nonetheless, fun to do…).

    stephanie – you use ‘Sox’ for facials? hmmm… you are a woman of the world. lucky husband…

    evangeline – my attire was rather unremarkable, save for the painted face (with NOTHING to do with the ‘facial’ stephanie blithered around… honest!). yeah, yeah… the weight of public opinion has convinced me to post. soon…

    parenthesis – just another party in The Wilds. okay, one of the more bizarre parties, but they happen quite a bit here.

  11. nursemyra Says:

    so how long do we have to wait for those pics…?

  12. UncleKeith Says:

    It looks like a lot of people had their swag bags tucked.

  13. thegnukid Says:

    nursemyra – having issues with finding internet connection, coupled with downlloading .jpgs… at a Dear Friend’s right now and hoping to get them up this afternoon (and, no… i’m not saying i can’t get it up… [wink]).

    uk – it was a bit scary and, often, even looked painful. i’d rather have the boy bits swinging free…

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