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Marketing 101

May 2, 2008

Okay kids…You don’t have to have a business or marketing degree to play in today’s “What were they drinking thinking?” exercise. While most of us web-izens have learned to ignore the constant stream of pop-up or sidebar ads, we can’t help but look occasionally. One recent glance gave cause me to give a double-look (accompanied, like the Bugs Bunny cartoons of old, by some sound effect like <boing!>). Maybe it’s just me and my inane sense of the absurd, but what conclusion do YOU draw from this ad—


I\'m too scared to \

What did I see in this picture? Well, besides whatever fabulous exercise program, destructive reconstructive surgery, or dietary supplement likely being advertised for weight loss – – – this stuff will change you from a man to a woman!

Ain’t Science wonderful?