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Poor Job Titles

July 29, 2009

Got an advertisement in the mail for a new Kroger* store.  Being a bachelor now, with a hefty alimony to grind my teeth overlook forward to happily …hell, tell it like it is… grind my teeth over paying each month, I checked out what deals could be found.

The flyer introduced the new store’s management team, with pictures and their management titles.

Now, many all of you know I’m a bit of a perv, so my eye immediately went to one job title in particular**…

Yeah, Baby!!

Yeah, Baby!!

Ooo!!  I’m now wondering how I can get one of those on my team…

But, yeah…Poor Denise***…


*…or, as my Girl Child says, “Kay-Rogers”…must make it sound more exotic or something.

**…and guessing many all of you have perv tendencies so don’t need me pointing out or explaining which specific one I’m talking about…right?

***She is pretty damn cute.  But I think it’d be creepy to go stalk track her down based on a K-Roger’s ad.