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Worry Lobe

June 25, 2008

As part of opening up more, I first must take inventory of myself. Sort of like a baseline exercise.

“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened…” — Mark Twain

As you all know, different lobes of the brain control different things. I think my Worry Lobe is oversized… Actually, here’s what I think it looks like… that blue part up front.

I do take solace in knowing I’m not alone. Discussing this theory with a friend a few weeks ago, she immediately added her endorsement and proclaimed herself ‘Queen of Worry’*. She told me she has been known to snap at people attempting to help her by saying, “Do not confuse me with the facts, I’m busy worrying here.” Yep… me too.

Nonetheless, I, like Mr. Twain, often find myself letting my mind’s imagination wander to the strangest and most unlikely of events, particularly when I’m tired or overstressed. This results in added stress and exhaustion from such worry and is clearly not good for me. Anticipating events or evils that will visit me that are unlikely doesn’t help me plan for them. Rather, it makes me fuss more and plan less. And, regrettably, on some occasions I let that worry dictate how I treat people. People who are clueless (and likely innocent) of the untrue forgeries my Worry Lobe has applied to ‘what they’re doing to me’.

To them, I know an apology is in order (I apologize). To myself, I apologize as well and hope I get my own act together to live a less worried life.

Way too much of my time is wasted on stuff that

(a) I can’t do a damn thing about,

(b) isn’t likely true anyway,

(c) nope, still no ‘c’, or

(d) even if it were true and I could do something about it, it’s impact and hurt is likely far less in reality than in my worries.

Life is too short to waste on such. Time should be spent celebrating and enjoying life.

I know of no miracle cures. Temporary ones, for sure (a good roll in the hay comes to mind… hell, even a bad roll in the hay would work… I just need some rolling). It’s just a matter of getting over myself, staying in close reach of reality, and taking on the world a moment at a time. Each moment can be a joy. Stop worrying about the unlikely next moment and wallow in the one i’m in. [deep breath] Okay, let me at it…

“Don’t worry… Be happy.” — Bobby McFerin


*Any of you out there who feel that you are the rightful owner of this title, let me know. I’d be very happy to set up a bikini-clad, baby-oiled wrestling match between the two of you to claim sole title.