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Blinded By Science

April 6, 2009

Now, being a management gonk, I do also pride myself on having a fair-to-middlin’ grasp of engineering, math, and other similar weapons of the Devil.  But there are some times when you can’t rely on cold, hard facts…

Like many dysfunctional high performance organizations, my business group will seemingly randomly occasionally embrace the latest bullshit touchy-feely self-help tool*.

You may have heard of some:

–  some are for use at the organizational level—Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma for example.

–  others are more attuned to improving performance of the employees by enhancing their personal understanding of interactions with other human beings—Meyers-Briggs, for example**.

While this sounds noble and proactive on the part of our leadership, there has consistently been a lack of consistency*** in the application of these new methods.  More often than not, the initial excitement of promised improvements gives way to the reality that “this shit takes work to keep going and we’re not seeing much benefit”.

While we haven’t suffered enjoyed just such an opportunity to excel at improvement of late, a recent organizational meeting gave us a new chance to try the latest smoke-and-mirrors improvement tool*.  And, as I type this from home, for the life of me I can’t remember what the hell it’s called (thus showing just how big of an impact this made on me.  But…

The huddles worker masses assembled, the leadership designated guru of this new process pontificated on its glories.  Basically, this new method requires us to take a survey to subjectively determine what our strengths are (from a list of some 20), the goal being to maximize our strengths, not try and “teach up” our weaknesses. I was actually intrigued by the possibilities here.

Being as how this was subjectively surveyed and applied, that intrigue was shattered, sending me back into an abject funk, by the guru’s statement, said with a plastic smile:

“The results are calculated on a computer, so you KNOW it’s scientific.”




…next guru, please…


*hur-hur-hur…i said, “tool”!

**ISTP…yep, you heard me right…ISTP.

***…if you’ll forgive the non-redundant redundancy