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Mal Mots

May 21, 2008

Working in an office environment, you have ample opportunity for interaction with co-workers.  If you’re not a boss with a private office, you’re also likely—like me—to be sharing an office full of cubicles with those co-workers.  This leads to ample opportunity to overhear intended and not-so-intended quips.  Our office has taken to putting up a ‘quotable quotes’ board for this repartee.  Thought I’d share a few—


  I want to get some of those soundless headphones…



  Hey! Come out and look at my schnauzer!

       [I don’t know if she meant it as a euphemism…but, with her, I wasn’t going to take the chance] 


  Oh, shit…who did I send it too?

       [Usually heard right after the sound of a mouse click.  I have to admit I’ve done this with e-mail as well…but this seemed to be a daily occurrence for this lady]


  I can’t cut the mustard anymore.  Hell, I can barely butter the bun!

       [There’s a certain poetry to this one.]


  Where’s Room 101? 

       [This one was said by a lady who had an office in…wait for it…Room 101]   


  …about 10 miles as the fly crows…

       [Can one actually hear a fly crow?] 


  He who laughs lest lifts lofts…luff . . .ummm…

       [Poor lady tried her best to get this one out…and failed] 


  GnuKid has good things attached to his pants.

       [Yes, a lady said this.  No, I’ll neither deny nor explain… {grin}] 


  We’re working glove in hand with them…

      [What, so you can challenge them to duels?] 


And finally—


  L:  How come I’m just getting Thursday’s e-mails?

   Office (in unison):  Because it IS Thursday…