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May 17, 2010

And now a brief respite from the wildlife photography.

As many of you know, I like signs.  Signs that tickle my funny bone or give me the “Baroo?”* .

Some may remember my visit to Scotland where I captured a few of my favorite signs there.

Here are a few from South Africa (with apologies to my ZA friends if I chuckle inappropriately…it’s what I do).

We passed this truck on the first day.  Daughter Person claims that I should have this sign permanently affixed to my car as a warning to others.**

"Abby Somebody...Abby Normal?"

For those State-siders, here’s the full picture.  In the States, our trucks would have the sign “Wide Load” (though in this case it was pretty damn long too).

Full construction set on one truck

Also on the road, I saw a sign twice.  Unfortunately, I was driving both times and couldn’t get the picture.  But, it made me go “Baroo?” nonetheless, so I recreated it.

Vampire owls, maybe?

Also on the road, I saw the following.   And here all along I thought we were in South Africa and not in the Western US.

Didn't see any cowboys though.

Driving through one of the towns, we saw this one.  It just tickled me.

Not the good stuff...just 'ok'.

On this next one, I’m not sure which one is “Fresh”, but the combination just caught my eye.

No, we didn't try either

During our travels, we did some site seeing at a place called “The Potholes”…a very deep canyon cut by a river.  The words were in English, but the pictogram was universal.

But he's falling silently at least

And this was near the parking area.  We didn’t go down this path.

Still wondering about some of these

Now that last has me a bit baffled.  I’m not picturing an eight year old tugging at his father’s shirt, “Please, Daddy, please…can’t we go to Lichen World?  Please?”  And I’m still not all that clear about what the hell ‘Blindfolds and Sticks’ or ‘Tapping Rail’ are meant to be…maybe we should have gone down the trail to see.

Now, I’ve got a few more ‘sign’ pictures, but I’ll tuck them in with other posts…I have to milk this thing for all I can, right?



*I like that phrase.  Stolen with great glee from Stephanie…explanation here.

**No, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…little twit.