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OK Weather

May 25, 2008

No, the wind is not sweeping down the plain here in Oklahoma, despite what the song says.

After a great evening with my big (sic — i’m 4 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier) brother, i finally have a crack at the internet. 

It’s 10:50 local time on the 25th of May and the temperature is at 78 degrees Furnaceheight… which makes it 26 degrees Censelessgrade.  Pretty toasty for a May evening (in the northern hemisphere) in my book.

The weather news of the weekend was in the front page of this morning’s paper (along with all the news about local sports, but nothing of an international or national nature – – did nothing happen yesterday of note?).  Oklahoma is a primary state in ‘Tornado Alley’ (as dramatized in the noted flying cow movie, “Twister“).  Although there were none in my area, the state had at least 6 tornadoes yesterday.  Nobody, thank goodness, was hurt.

Well, that’s not quite true… many of you know what a soft-hearted doofus i am, so it was with great sadness i learned that a nearby pig farm was destroyed.  Luckily [GnuKid breathes a sobbing sigh of relief], most of the sows and piglets survived the twister.

Sow with piglet.jpg

So, in a tender memoriam for those swell swine not so fortunate to have survived, GnuKid enjoyed several strips of crispy and tasty bacon for breakfast.

Flying back to the Wilds of Ohio tomorrow…see you on the range there…