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The Morning After

May 18, 2008

How do you get rid of a One Night Stand?  And before anyone asks – – no, this is not me.

I’m sure I should give appropriate credit for the source of this beaut. However, I got it third or fourth hand via an e-mail.  Being totally amused and wanting to share with you, I had to track it down on YouTube to post here. So, to whoever put this together in the first place, my apologies for not crediting you and hearty congratulations on some great marketing.

Notice this lovely device, obviously of some medicinal/health usage…is, per the web site listed at the end of the video, from Australia. Is our delectable NurseMyra at the Gimcrack Hospital to thank?

And again, this is not a video of my morning after… However, I am personally disturbed by the realization that if he/she looked like that, I’m not sure I’d mind. Whoa.