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Psychic Deafness

January 26, 2010

I’m deaf.  Well, psychically, anyway.

There’s part of me that wants to believe in the surreal and supernatural.  There’s part of me that can’t see the logic or facts in the paranormal, so discounts the whole idea.

Irrespective of whether I believe or not, I’ve been told I’m psychically deaf.  Even if I fully believed and wanted to hear what’s going on in the psychic world, I would be unable.

I went to a couple ‘psychic readers’ over the years (knowing full well that the money spent was for entertainment, not really expecting to get true insight).  All of them but one (who wanted more money) said I was unable to ‘hear’ the psychic world.  One of them told me that I could train myself to hear by doing psychic exercises.

“Imagine that there’s a screw top cap over your ‘third eye’.  Now, each night, imagine yourself unscrewing that cap and removing it so you can let the spirit world in!”

looks just like me...

Well, if I don’t fully believe, isn’t the exercise of unscrewing the cap from your head a failure-before-start?

I mention this in preparation for upcoming posts, plus just as an admission of my frailty… either in being unable to believe in the first place… or having the gall to think I could, some time, be able to…

yep...them too...