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Well, Wah

December 22, 2009

You may recall that I entered a diet contest with Dear Friend awhile ago.  Part of that contest was to write up a 100-word reason why we should get a free session with a personal trainer.

Found out today that I didn’t win the personal trainer…but Dear Friend did*!  ‘Yay’ for her, ‘Boo’ for me**.

Now, against all the advice you, my thoughtful readers, gave me, I did go with the generic and G-rated write up (“…I need to lose weight because I’m stuck at this weight blah-blah-blah…”).  Looks as if I should have gone with the R-rated version (“…I need to lose weight to score some chicks, man!…”).

So, consider this a personal apology to all of you for not taking your advice.  And next time I ask for advice, I’ll do whatever you say…

…why do I hear ominous music playing?…


*by the by, Dear Friend is going to help pay for a trainer for me…seems she to think she had “the fix” in and didn’t win fair and square.  She works with one of the judge’s sons and thinks he whispered her name to make sure she won.  Me?  I think she won fair and square…but to get at a personal trainer to get me losing weight?  I’m all for it.

**oh, but on the good side – – after 7 weeks, to include cookies and treats galore staring me in the face, I’m at the same weight I weighed in at at the start of this contest…there’s hope!