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Soul Seniority

February 4, 2010

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “She’s got an old soul.”  I’ve used it myself.  What does it mean, though?

There are some that believe some souls are reusable.  When a person dies, their soul goes to Heaven or Paradise or Valhalla or Big Bob’s Soul Emporium or some such, to be ‘installed’ in the next little rug rat that’s born.   Depending on when that soul originated, it would … could… retain some of the life lessons from prior lifetimes.

You can always count on Kliban for an appropriate cartoon for any subject

The pessimists—or contrarians—amongst us would equate the ‘old’ part of that to meaning worn out… moth-eaten… ratty…  Okay, frankly, I do know a few folks like that.  Too young to be bitter and worn out, but there they are, already giving up on life.  Maybe those aren’t ‘old’ souls, but ‘ancient’ souls.  Or ‘defective’ souls?

The more popular understanding of ‘old soul’, and the one I share, is that person seems to have experience and wisdom not usually found in someone of that chronological age.  A teenager, for example, who knows how to calm a screaming crowd of natives using lost languages.  Okay, no, that’s not quite a good example, but you get the idea.  They seem to know how to handle situations without the guidance of an adult who had to learn it the hard way.  There’s a confidence in them.

Of course, this implies that, besides old and ancient souls, there must be some newer souls.

I, for one, wonder if I may have gotten a teenage soul.






So, while writing this, I was just wondering without expecting any real answers (though if you have any, real or imagined, I’d enjoy hearing them) —

Do souls have expiration dates?  “Sell by” dates?

Are there really soulless bastards/bitches who skipped the table where the souls were handed out?

Can you really filet a soul?

Mysteries of the ages…