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July 7, 2008

We interrupt this blog to bring you this short vignette overheard at work today – –


Here in North America we have a restaurant called International House of Pancakes, abbreviated IHOP (no relation to the ubiquitous iPod) and simply pronounced “I-Hop”. 

(Let’s pause for a moment to soak in the irony of a restaurant found only in North America calling itself ‘International’).

One of the ladies in the office living here in The Wilds of Ohio frequents a nearby International House of Pancakes and commented to three of us guy-types how tasty the pancakes were.

Wanting to try it for himself, one of the guys asked:

Him:  Okay, so where is this place?

Her:  It’s about a mile west of the interstate highway on Cox Road.

Him:  Cox Road?

Her:  Oh, I love it…  IHOP on Cox.

Three Guys:  <blink… blink… blink… blink… >


We return you now to the regularly scheduled blog… unless (like me and probably most guys at this point) you’re indulging in vivid visualizations of your favorite girl toy… or composing pornographic Dr. Seuss rhymes… nope, i guess there won’t be a regularly scheduled blog today…