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Shots Across The Bows

August 29, 2008

Well, The Wife and my quest to ensure our lawyers can buy their new BMWs continues.  Paperwork is flying back and forth, each sheet with a not-so-nominal price tag associated. I found out I get charged a minimum of 6 minutes for each e-mail and phone call, even if it really takes 30 seconds.

I was notified that, despite The Wife and I still living at home, I have to pay temporary alimony.  Huh?  Confused I am.  Even more confusing is that the order, officially official and signed by the judge, said that that alimony can be in the form of the mortgage and utilities I already pay.  Plus, there’s a specific clause in the letter saying the enforcement agency (the folks who make sure alimony is actually paid) is not actually bound by the letter, so don’t have to enforce my paying it.  Huh? again.

But, not to be outdone, my lawyer sent The Wife a 40 question package requesting all sorts of information in great levels of detail.  For example, being we’re at the edge of the frontier of Ohio, there’s also a question in there asking, “Do you own any livestock?  List in detail.”

But, the shots across the bow seem to be working… When The Wife saw the detailed list of questions, she asked me, “Can’t we just sit down and negotiate something so we don’t have to do all this paperwork?”

Yes!  A glimmer of hope!

So The Wife and I will sit down this weekend and walk through the finances to see if we can’t come up with an agreement.

Poor lawyers will have to settle for used Hyundais…