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August 24, 2009

I wrote about a self-introspection (is that redundantly repetitive?) in anticipation of slowly getting back into dating.

It will be an adventure for me.  I was the fat, shy kid in high school.  I did not date that much.  Hell, I barely dated.  While university found me not so fat anymore, I remained shy.  And did not date that much then either.  Then I got married.  And here, 30 years later, I have to relearn something I never really learned well in the first place–How to date.

So, does my loyal readership care?  Should I share that new adventure via my blog post?  Like other things in this journey of divorce and rediscovering my life, whether you read it or not, I find comfort in jotting down my thoughts.  It helps clarify what I’m thinking…or not thinking.  And, honestly, I’d prefer to have the advice of any of you over ten Oprahs or Doctor Phils (both of whom bug the hell out of me).

I’ve still a ways to go, as mentioned in that other post, before I even can start dating.  But I find myself pondering how to best update once I do.

On one post, the author, Penfold, ends each of his posts with either “I surfed today” or “I didn’t surf today”.

Perhaps that’s what I should to – “I dated today” or “I didn’t date today”.

I’ve also heard of a lost soul who blogs in England and indicates, by time, how long it’s been since he’s had sex:  “It’s been 53 days since I’ve had sex.”

Maybe I could employ a combo of the two?  “I got laid today” or “I didn’t get laid, but had a grand time by myself today…”.

Yeah, all of that’s likely TMI.  And, honestly, I wouldn’t feel too comfortable sharing that, even here.

I will, however, throw a few nuggets out occasionally… just stick with talking through the thoughts, fears, and questions of dating.  Again, I value my readers’ opinions much more so than any too highly paid talking head.