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2010 Combobulated

January 4, 2010

After a year of lots of bumps (yes, balanced by some happy times), I think I’m ready to make some changes in my attitude this coming year.

So, I’ve decided to delete the “dis” from my life…

I intend to have a -combobulated 2010, definitely.  I’ll also look forward to being -illusioned, -pirited, -jointed, and, clearly, want to be -tracted.  It’s about time I was -mayed and -appointed by things happening to me.  I’ll surely be -couraged and -turbed.  Without that “dis”, wouldn’t we all like to be -concerted, -arrayed, and, of course, -gruntled by life in 2010.

And while I’m at it, I  think I’ll get rid of the “per”, as well.  I’ll be happy to be -turbed and -plexed this year.

May as well lop off the “be” in 2010, too.  If I have a chance for a life of -wilderment, that would be great.  I can be -fuddled, -mused, and, with a smile, -deviled.

But, I will draw the line at eschewing the “de-“ this year.

I’m not thinking I’m ready to stop being deranged and demented.

Yee HA!!!