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Technology Advancing

October 28, 2009

My cell phone was dying.  Not completely gone, but “…who…just when he seemed about to recover, felt the icy hand of death upon him.”*

Instead of just getting the basic dial-a-number-and-talk phone, I made a big (for me) step.

I have now been iSsimilated.

Yep, bought an iPhone.  Didn’t want to go that way. Partly because of the cost, but mostly the fear of becoming overly reliant on being constantly connected…v-, e-, and i-.


the beast in hand

I’m enjoying the iPhone.  It does have issues.  For example, the phone microphone is too good and picks up too much ambient background noise, making it hard for whomever I’m having a conversation with to hear me well…okay, especially since I call from noisy bars.  But, overall, it’s a wealth of information and capabilities that I still have not adequately tapped.

I’ve discovered and frequent the iPhone App store.  Here you can find applications galore to do just about anything you want (there’s another post coming on just that as I describe a recent and intriguing find).  Most of the applications charge a fee for downloading, but many are free.

Being the adolescent boy in a man’s body (pretty true of most of us guys), early downloads included the “Atomic Fart” noise maker, the “More Cowbell” app, and a game or two.

I’m turning into the over-reliant “Stepford iPhone Owner”.

I’ve become ‘that guy’ is used to shake my head at.  The one who was always within reach of the phone and always doing the internet searches when someone has a random question (a bane to bars running those trivia games.  How do you keep the game fair when the answers are (fast) key clicks from knowing?).

But there is also power and comfort in it.  That information at my finger tips is power.  I’m able to check e-mail from anywhere.  I can ping the internet.

Okay…I guess I’m not kicking and screaming that much on my way into the 21st century…

More to come on this!


*Bonus points for sourcing that one – – – WITHOUT using the interweb.