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Priestly Pranks

December 29, 2008

…no, not “that” kind.  The Church is still paying through the nose for all of “those” kinds of pranks played by its priests.

Girl Child is home from University and spreading her time between her mother, me, and her friends (as well as the occasional odd job to earn cash to support her world wandering habits).  She shared a story from a dinner visit to one of her friends. 

Now, Girl Child is a vegetarian.  Not a militant vegetarian, but she’ll avoid any ‘beastly’ products that she can.  She was visiting one of her Irish dance buddies and was invited to stay for dinner.  They knew of her veggie tendencies, with her friend’s younger brother teasing her about being a vegetarian being “just wrong”.  Also at the dinner was the priest that recently married Daughter Person’s friend.  Unsurprisingly, the priest was asked to say “Grace” before the meal.  As Girl Child described it – – –

“Dear Lord, thank you for us being able to gather together here.  Thank you for the friendship of those around this table.  Oh, and especially thank you for providing us with animals.  Thank you for the cow, from whom we get tasty beef.  Thank you for the pig and his bacon, pork, and ribs, juicy and succulent.  Thank you for the deer, the chicken, and other manners of animals from whom we get delicious meat products that we may enjoy at our mealtimes.  Amen!”

Who said priests don’t have a sense of humor