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July 5, 2009

Missed them.

Didn’t feel like fighting the traffic, especially since it was raining off and on during the evening leading up to the local show.  Heard them off in the distance.

But, it reminded me of another fireworks show last year.  No, not during the 4th of July celebrations.  It was the middle of May (or so…).


As part of being a pilot, I have to maintain currency for day and night flights with passengers by making 3 landings within the prior 90 days.  Being at about 80 days for night flights, I wanted to beat the deadline.  So, invited my best friend to come along for company.

There’s something quiet (yeah, ironic considering there’s a noisy engine just a few feet away) and spiritual about night flights.  It just feels like you own the sky (yeah, I still keep an eye out for other folks).

After I completed my mandatory 3 landings, we decided to just putter about the sky a little bit on my way back to the ‘home’ airport.  Enjoying the stars in the skies…the random airplane lights in the distance…the lights on the ground…

My friend noticed them first.  Fireworks in the distance.  She pointed them out to me and we decided to go take a look.  As I said, we weren’t expecting them since it was before the 4th of July.

This wasn’t just some yahoo in the backyard with leftover, cheapo stuff.  These were really big fireworks.

Finding a safe, yet still close, distance away, I started circling.  Fully expecting the ‘show’ to stop at any time, we were both thrilled to see the red, gold, green, and other colored fireworks blossom again and again.  We circled for about 20 minutes watching this wonderful display.

It was a unique viewpoint.  While we couldn’t hear a thing (one of the best parts of fireworks shows is being close enough for the reports to reverberate through your body), we did get to see the bursts from the air.

Finally, they stopped.

The beauty of the night flight got an extra bonus that night.  I was very glad to have someone to share it with.  And it obviously made an impression, since I still recall it.

It provided a needed reminder that the random and unexpected things in life provide the icing to life’s cake of adventures.

Busy Hands

August 21, 2008

…are the devil’s playground? Nah… I’m mixing metaphors again (but they sure are tasty when baked just right!).

With The Wife and Girl Child off on a tour of her family (my soon-to-be-ex out-laws), I find myself alone at home. As said in the prior post, I’m using some of that time to start excavations and sorting what goes with and what stays (and what gets tossed). But, I’m also finding it very easy to seek outside entertainment and company (no, not ‘that’ kind…yet). The end result is my absence from the blogosphere for the last week, barring an occasional peek into other folks’ blogs. Some of the fun I did have—

I took a dear friend and her spawn for a long, leisurely plane ride. Highlights of that trip included a very bumpy landing at an airport on an island in Lake Erie (my still-talking-to-me dear friend thought we were landing in the trees at the end of the runway), a quick tour of the island’s town in a golf cart, being accosted by a drunk on our return to the airplane, and having to have the local geese chased off of the runway before taking off again (we think they used the airport operator’s dogs). The drunk was particularly festive as he kept following us out the plane and saying, with three beers embraced to his chest, “I have just two questions!” But, he never uttered the questions. My last memory of the airport on takeoff were three cop cars coming to cart the guy away.

Got last minute tickets to our local theater awards banquet. I went mostly to support a friend who was receiving a lifetime achievement award for 40 years in community theater. That part was great. They also give out awards of merit and excellence, in ascending order of importance, for acting and technical (lights, sound, et al). That part was painful. Don’t get me wrong, I really like seeing friends getting those awards. But the way the thing is structured, 90% of them go to the semi-professional and college programs (both of which have people who can and do spend their entire days working on shows). It got quite boring after awhile listening to person #37 of a semi-pro show getting an award. A friend of mine did get an award of merit for her leading role in a community show. I applauded her as she returned to her seat only to have her lean down to me and whisper, “It’s still just fucking second place.” Did I mention they served lots of alcohol there?

Continued my house hunting trips. And an adventure it is turning out to be. I’m still trying to figure out, then balance, what I think I want versus what I think I need versus what I likely really need. This is difficult, when trying to stay within an as-yet-unknown budget number (depending on how badly The Wife hits the pocketbook). I’m finding that I continue to find parts of places I like in different houses, but no place (yet!!! I’m still optimistic!) that has them all in one house… or even most of them. I also find my tastes are more expensive than my wallet. Go figure.

Between those fun things, the not-so-fun continuing excavations, the mandatory taking-care-of-the-house stuff (lawn mowing tomorrow… whee), hanging with physically manifested friends (as opposed to you, my binary internet friends), and just plain fried brain, I’ve been blog-absent. It’s been easier, on coming home, to just drool silently in the corner before toddling off to bed. But, having missed this… okay, and all of you… I’m slowly working my way back to the blogosphere.

So, hide the children, make sure your shots are current, lock the liquor cabinet and chastity belts… just when you thought it was safe…