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The Etiquette of Lurking

May 3, 2008

I’ve come to realize that the customs of the ‘net are as varied as the customs around the world. What’s expected on one blog site is considered merely okay on another and gasp-worthy-forbidden on yet another.

So my problem is understanding which is which and when is where and why and so forth (got that? good…). Thus the practice of lurking, which in itself seems sort of wrong–kind of like a peeping tom checking out the prom queen’s bedroom window after her shower …not …that …I …uhhh …would know …ummm …anyway ….

So, I lurk at blogs to see what is said and how it is said. And I’m still lost, as a blog newbie, on how to join in. I almost feel like I’m imposing on a family gathering…or the nerdy kid trying to break into that group of the cool kids.

I welcome input from my fellow Range Riders on advice for easing into feeling welcome at your sites. Yep, I’ve jumped in some places already — one I was invited to, the others referenced off of that. But it still doesn’t feel comfortable. I know there are really no “rules”. But it would be nice to have an idea how to go. Ahhh, perhaps practice makes perfect and all.