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Driving PSA

October 6, 2009

I’m a soft hearted guy.  I reminded myself of that fact this past weekend.

I’ve been trying to lose a few unwanted pounds to regain a more studly figure.  My best friend and I are pretty well matched in exercising*, so we bike or run/walk together on weekends and any time during the week work will allow.

I will typically drive over to her place and load up her bike on the car, then head off to the local bike trail***.

Living out in the country (-ish), we see lots of critters on the short drive there, but have never had a ‘run in’ with them.

…until that day…

Coming up over a rise and around a corner, there was a bunny right in the middle of my lane.  ACK!!

obviously, credited to fotolia

obviously, credited to fotolia

Public Service Announcement:  You should never swerve to avoid hitting an animal in the road.  It could be detrimental to your health.  Brake the vehicle as best possible and just hope the critter gets out of the way.

Of course, despite foreknowledge of  that PSA, my gut reaction was to swerve.  But, I conquered that urge in a millisecond and kept going straight…

…right over the poor little rabbit.

I was hoping he hunkered down and the car would just pass over him, but the bass “Wump!” underneath my feet belied that wish.

Before I could even react to that fact, a car careened past me in the opposite lane.  If I HAD swerved?  It would have been much noisier – – – and painful for us – – – than a mere “Wump!”

My friend thanked me for not swerving and comforted me as I was now grumpily saying,  “Aw, shit…shit…shiiiiiitttttt…”.

By mutual agreement, we decided to drive home a separate route to avoid seeing the poor little critter.

It’s just a little rodent, but it still made me sad.  Wah.

*…well, in most things.  She can kick my butt anytime she wants on doing stomach crunches and maybe even pushups**.  She’s been making that a standard evening routine…whereas my standard evening routine typically includes nothing more exerting than scratching and belching on the couch.

**This is a good thing.  Even typing that she can kick my butt has fired me up with a desire to change my evening habits and actually get my sorry ass on the floor to do a few exercises.  Let a girl kick my butt?  Harumph!

***The Wilds of Ohio have a most excellent network of bike trails.  The old train lines that used to run from town to town were bought by the state and converted into paved bike trails.  Yep, other states have done the same.