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Bafflement Logic

May 7, 2009

Didja ever get into a heated discussion with someone and try to use a clever metaphor or analogy to make your point…but totally screw it up?

Yeah, me neither…

Okay, I’m lying.  Especially when there are copious amounts is a little sip or two of alcohol involved.

When I visited the Boy Child* a few months back, we had quite a few interesting discussions**.  In one, we were arguing opposite sides of a point which I’ve long ago forgotten.  The banter went back and forth.  And I became aware that I was losing the argument.

This, I could not allow.

Out of some dank and dark recess of my mind, I struggled to find an argument winner.  And the best I could come up with?

GnuKid:  Yeah?  Well just remember — there is no “I” in “We”.

Boy Child:  <blink… blink… blink… >

Yep, shut him right up.  Leaving him speechless, I gave a proper “harumph” and walked away.

If you can’t win with logic and brilliance, confuse the hell out of them with pseudo-logical absurdities.

...and I like it that way...

...and I like it that way...


*Yes, I know I still owe stories about that trip.

**Yes, I will be sharing one of those discussion at a later time…I’m working up to it.