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Cries in the night

May 12, 2008

In general, I like pets. Varied and sundry. From an 18-hand horse to sea monkeys bought from the back of a comic book. But, especially tonight, there are some that annoy me a bit. Hey, I’m only human. My recent example of getting annoyed was caused by the incessant yapping of the neighbor’s two ‘practice’ dogs.

Practice dogs are those pint-sized replicas of man’s best friend who’s sole purpose seems to be to eat, poop, and pee. They pause only (and too often) to loudly decry any perceived imposition on their senses. Why they do so and who they are truly yapping at, only they know. Perhaps it is just their way of acknowledging their lack of true dog-ness. Or they’re responding to some secret signal from their home planet.

Hmmm…Come to think on it, I know people like that at work, too…