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Christmas Créche

December 27, 2009

Well, here we are after Christmas.  I did decorate this year.  Bought a cut pine tree and piled on the ornaments.  Put the random other decorations I have about the house.  It was nice, but not necessary.  Felt good to have stuff up.

And now that Christmas is over, I’m already looking to put things away.  But, as I was looking around, I took a few moments to admire the Christmas créche I ‘won’ in the divorce.

Thought I’d share a few pictures of it with all of you.

Plastic Wonderment

Now, it does look a bit plastic (except the fine wooden stable with straw thrown [strewn?] about), but it’s really good quality, solid… ummm… something… rubber?  And with pretty good detail on the individual pieces.

And, yeah, you may have noticed in that last picture – – –

it's him! it's him!

It’s Christmas Kangaroo!  Bet you didn’t know that there was a kangaroo at the nativity, did ya!  I have no recollection, Senator, of where the hell Christmas Kangaroo came from.  He showed up way back when Boy Child and Daughter Person were little littles.  Whatever toy set he arrived in is long gone.  But, even before that set disappeared, the kangaroo was enlisted into the nativity and has been there for well on 15 or so years now.

don't worry...Jeebus will raise them soon

Another tradition started by someone [whistling nonchalantly] was that, at some point in the holiday season, the sheep all contract anthrax.

shepherds keep watch on their flocks...kangaroo keeps watch on the baby

And, no, there’s nothing kinky or untoward in the kangaroo’s gaze…

just one of many happy onlookers

…well, at least while all the others are looking on…

not appearing in this year's créche...Christmas Gorilla

Another favorite ornament I was able to get was Christmas Gorilla.  He often shows up at the créche scene, but this year decided to hang out near the star on the Christmas tree.   Note:  Long time readers may notice “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament to the right of Christmas Gorilla.

So, with so many memories and fun, I’m thinking decorations stay up at least until next weekend.

Happy Holidays all…