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Random Scotland Pictures

June 19, 2008

I took some 400-plus pictures while there (many of them redundantly repetitive). No… wait! Come back! I’m not going to post them all… but I did want to share 10 or so, to close out this Scotland thread – – –

I’m thinking this is either a Scottish gremlin or a practice dog. Not sure which.

“No, officer, honestly… he’s just a friend! I had no intentions of fouling him. I’m more of a ‘sheep’ kind of guy, anyway…”

Why is this horse wearing underwear on his head? Was it some kind of horse fraternity hazing? Is he the nerd horse of the pasture that all the bully horses [??] make fun of and pull practical jokes on?

Ummm… I’m thinking those first two warnings are duplicatively redundant. Sorry, just not picturing this conversation: “C’mon, Bobby! Let’s go frolic in the toxic waste! It’ll be great fun!”

Sound advice… ‘nuff said.

So, clothed lights must be okay, right?

I’m guessing you get the option, given how randy you are and how long you’re willing to wait [I chose the closer one…].

… and in case you don’t make it to one of those humps on time, you can cool the fire in your trousers with some of this stuff (Ed. Note: it also comes in powder and water form! Pics available on request!).

Lucky rich people… they get to have a loo right in their study. And a velvet covered seat, no less! When I grow up, I want to be rich…

And finally, for those who want to know what I look like… or my Girl Child…

Yep, that’s me in an authentic 1200’s-recreation Scottish helmet, authentic 1200’s-recreation Scottish chain mail, and authentic… ummm… well… authentic REAL 2003 Taiwan watch.

And isn’t my Girl Child pretty? I think she has my eyes…