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Life’s Lemons

September 24, 2008

How does it go?  “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”… right?

So I barely missed hitting the car ahead of me at lunchtime.  Turning left out of my parking lot, you have to wait to slide into the oncoming traffic.  The car in front of me did just that, waiting until an opening in the traffic to pull out.  Seeing him start out, I glanced left and right to see if I could follow quickly and hit the gas… only to see the guy in front of me had decided his car didn’t have enough guts to merge.  He had hit the brakes… and I had to do the same to avoid hitting him, coming mere millimeters from his rear bumper.

Whew!!  An accident averted.  It was going to be a good day…

…then I started home at the end of the work day…and the karma gods started chortling and rubbing their hands together…

There’s always a long line at the traffic light leaving my business complex.  I usually have to wait two or three cycles before I can leave.  Traffic was stop-and-go.  I just finished moving up behind the car in front of me and stopped.  Relaxing, because I can’t make the light change any faster, I glanced in my rearview mirror.


Apparently the guy behind me didn’t move up right away, saw a big opening in traffic, and darted forward.

And forgot to stop.  POW!!  Right into the back of my car.  My car lurched forward and hit the guy in front of me.

Luckily, no one was hurt badly.  Since I saw the guy coming fast in my rearview mirror, I did what you’re not supposed to do–I tensed up.  I have a nifty sore shoulder/neck which, after sleeping tonight, I bet is going to hurt like anything tomorrow.  I’ll be stiff, but not in a good way.

Minor damage to the car in front of me… actually just some scrapes from my license plate bolt.

Not too much to mine, either.  The back bumper is a little wobbly (much like I was after getting stunned by the collision).

The guy who hit me?  No clue why he took the brunt of it, but he blew out his radiator, smashed his front bumper, and broke a light… good!  Charitable feelings for others?  Right.  Glad his car got nailed.  (Okay, yeah, glad he wasn’t hurt… i’m not that much of a twit).

So, looks like I’ll be going to the insurance adjuster, the body shop, and, hopefully not, the doc.

Yep, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

But, trust me on this, when life gives you a bowl of shit, don’t try to make anything…. just leave it sitting there.

The Morning Drive

May 5, 2008

Having inherited a convertible from my mother, I’ve enjoyed the occasional topless adventures (the car, folks…the car is topless) on my drive in to work. Coming outside this morning to achingly blue skies, I got just such an urge to drop the top and enjoy some fresh air.

Well, one small problem confronted me… a healthy pile of “Life Shrapnel” has made its home in the back seat. “Life Shrapnel” are the bits and pieces of things that accumulate over time – unread mail, empty water bottles, gas receipts, and so on. Left there with the top down, that shrapnel would quickly become random projectiles to trailing cars as the wind would whip the back seat into a flurry and whirlpool of air. A none too elegant process of dumping all the shrapnel into a box takes care of that detritus.

As is typical in the Wilds of Ohio, the weather tries to please everyone. Warmth one day gives way to chilly cold the next. Blue skies in the morning pause for afternoon storms, only to return in the evening. It’s something we live with, those of us roughing here on the Midwest Frontier.

What appeared to be a nice, spring May morning of enjoyable convertible riding turned quickly into the “Frigid Ride O’ Hypothermia”. Blue skies? Check. Wind chill factor? Double check. Even with the heater full blast, my eyes quickly glazed over with chill, the muscles ceasing voluntary movement. Other body parts either shriveling in despair or freezing in a happy salute to the cold. “Pull over and put the top up,” you say. A healthy dose of reptilian-brain ego prevented that. I must tell the world, “Yes, I made a stupid choice this morning, but I refuse to admit I made that mistake.” So, I rode on in glacial silence.

But, all in all? Great fun… and let’s do it again tomorrow!