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Writer’s Block

April 15, 2009
shamelessly stolen graphics

shamelessly stolen graphics

Okay, a little help there folks.

What with ‘life’ going on (doesn’t it always seem to get in the way of living?) and other various and sundry inanities, I’m in a drought of writer’s block.  I have ideas of things to write, but whenever I sit at my computer (or [gasp!] even at a desk with pen and paper), I end up drooling* and staring at the screen (paper).

Or, when I do actually start writing something, it ends up looking like Ralphie’s “theme” from ‘Christmas Story’ or my 3rd grade “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” essay.  Not real good stuff.  Not that I have to always put ‘good stuff’ out here (yeah, there have been a few ‘yawners’ I’ve put up in the past [sigh]).  But, I find myself hesitating to put anything out there now (this being the obvious exception).

Yes, I know I’ll get back in the groove… but would rather do so sooner than later.  So, other than the standard “Apply Alcohol In Copious Quantities” method, what else to do?

A little help?


*So, okay, that drooling thing is pretty standard irrespective, but whatever…