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Big Dan II

December 8, 2010

Big Dan strikes again.

I introduced Big Dan earlier and gave an example of how he doesn’t hold back on what he thinks of a person and often has a ‘special’ way of imparting that.

Consulting a team who recently had a change of leadership, I went to Big Dan to explain what help they needed and what I needed from him.  I explained that the lady now in charge has been a program manager before, but never in our industry.  Our industry, mind you, has many varied, arcane, and complex rules for how to manage programs.

I knew Big Dan had the essence of the problem when I later heard him describing this new program manager to his boss – – –

“That lady’s tree of knowledge has no branches.”*

pretty sad looking tree, if you ask me

Yes, I realize this may already be a common phrase to some people.

So I’m unread…

So I’m uninformed…

So my tree of knowledge has no branches…



*I’ve often heard a variant of this to refer to inbred families:  “Her family tree doesn’t have any branches.”