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Baby’s First Christmas

December 29, 2008

Yep, this was it. 

 I was wondering how it would go.  My first Christmas ‘by myself’.  My worry lobe kicked in and i wondered if i’d be lonely, morose, disconnected…

And, happily to say, it went pretty well.  With much help from friends and Daughter Person…and some introspective self-preparation…I didn’t find myself wallowing in the muck of self-despair, wailing at my solitude.  And I’m pretty damned happy about that. 

 Things that helped out a lot – –

            I felt it a good thing to actually put up a tree and decorate some around the house instead of just going into denial that there was a holiday going.  Girl Child, though I know it was conflicting her, helped me pick out the Christmas tree – “Baby’s First Christmas Tree”.   She also gave a hand at putting up my very limited decorations.  I thought it was cute that she tried to put something Christmassy  in every room.  We deferred putting lights and ornaments on the tree until it ‘blossomed’ a bit (and, honestly, I think Girl Child was glad to not have to help with that as it would’ve emphasized the separation). 


ooo pretty

ooo pretty

         Got my Christmas cards sent out, along with my new address.  Didn’t expect many, but I did get some cards back from family (check a future post on one of my favorites) and a few long lost friends.

          I’m not a huge bleeding heart on Christmas music, but it did help to find the Christmas CDs I was able to steal liberate rightfully take from the old home.  I picked out a couple of jazzy CDs (“Cool Yule I” and “II”).  Got me a bit more in the holiday spirit.

          Had a couple friends pass along some Christmas decorations, ornaments, and (yum!) goody treats.  My most favorite of those and the first on “Baby’s First Christmas Tree”?  Dear Friend brought me this to commemorate my ‘escape’ and starting new ventures in life –

          And the topper?  Despite the opening sentences, this Christmas was not spent ‘by myself’.  Daughter Person spent most of Christmas day with me.  The Spouse had her sister in town to keep her company, so Girl Child thought it would be good to hang out with me.  We exchanged gifts, ate way too much candy and cookies, watched some movies, played some games, listened to music, and just chilled together. 

awww baby's first christmas

awww baby's first christmas


So, I hereby declare “Baby’s First Christmas” as a success in my road to a new life.  And I’m looking forward to future “Baby’s First . . . “ events in that new life.

And here’s hoping that your holidays were as satisfying to you and yours – – –