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The Boy’s Cookie

July 2, 2008

Having been a bit intense recently, i felt the need, for the moment, to indulge in the whimsical- – –

Seeing my nephew playing in a swimming pool recently brought back a memory and a smile.  We were on a visit up to a cottage on a lake.  The Boy was only three at the time and, not having yet learned to swim, was being suited up in his ‘swimming armor’* – – a pint sized life jacket and those inflatable arm flotation things**.

The kind old neighbor lady stopped by just then to offer some cookies to the kids (What?  None for me? [pout]).  TheBoy’s eyes grew wide in anticipation of sugar-enhanced culinary bliss.  Neighbor lady handed one to The Boy who immediately swung the cookie to his gaping and drooling maw… only to be stopped inches from his quivering lips by the air pillow of the already-inflated arm floats. 

Mild chuckles soon become outright laughter as we watched him try and find a way to get that cookie within reach of his mouth.***

In the mood for laughing, but not in the mood for further child abuse, I released him from his arm floats and watched with still bemused joy at his enjoyment of the cookie.

…maybe those arm floats can be sold as diet aids…


*For those of you mentally picturing me putting iron underwear on The Boy and throwing him into the water – – Shame on you!  (And shame on me for thinking the same thing [chuckle].

**When did we become so paranoid?  Do you remember having to be armored up to swim?  I don’t.  I considered myself lucky to just have someone within 50 feet of me whether they were watching me or not.

***It is likely becoming readily apparent to some of you, based on this and prior posts, that one of the primary reasons for having kids—besides the outright fun of having lots of sex to make the little moppets—is to provide me with an endless source of humor.