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Travel Games

May 23, 2008

Off to visit my brother in Oklahoma today.  No, not nearly as wild as the Wilds of Ohio, but it will do. 

Sitting in the Chicago airport, waiting on my connecting flight.  I admit to not being as seasoned (paprika or curry, please) a traveler as others.  Should have brought my laptop, but didn’t.  So I was lowered to writing a post with some arcane literary weaponry known as “pen and paper”.  Thank goodness i was able to bully invite my way onto my brother’s internet for this quick post.

So, sans laptop (didn’t know I was bilingual, huh?  yeah, i can speak in tongues, but that’s another post), i wrote furiously (but did calm down soon).  Tiring of that, i engaged in a favored airport practice.  Too shy to chat up a stranger, I revert to ‘lurking’ of a different sort and just people watch.

Where else can you find such a broad specturm of people willfully sharing space when, in the ‘real’ world, they would never want to mingle—Bikers and Bookworms; Sk8ers and Soccer Moms; Rednecks and Hippies; the brutally pretty and the terminally homely;  Businessmen and Sluts… wait… well, yeah, okay, that last one doesn’t count because they mingle all the time…

Yes, i indulge in the standard thoughts of “Who dressed you this morning?  Helen Keller?” or “Whoa, but she’s hot…would love to tap that!”.  But i also play a few other games – –

–  Make eye contact and smile, just to see the reaction.  I’m still at a loss as to why so many people avert their eyes as if i’m some perverted menace… well, i am, but that’s besides the point.  Too few return the smile.  A couple nodded and said “Hi.”, but not enough.  Where did our humanity go?

–  Name the faces… along the same lines as the ‘standard’ thoughts above, but trying to match up to the facial expressions:

  —  “It looks like someone stole your cupcake”

  —  “No, you’re not remotely as gorgeous/handsome as you’re convinced you are”

  —  “You got laid last night, didn’t you?”

  —  “No, I don’t believe you do have a clue.  Thanks for trying, though.”

These are all great games until i notice, while walking to my gate or for a bathroom break, i’m being given the same appraising looks by others.  They’re playing my games, the bastards! 

Sheesh, i hope i look like i got laid last night…