Exile Completed


Daughter Person is returning home!

The Prodigal Daughter Returns!

Having served her time for tax evasion  for gun running  in the Peace Corps, she is coming back to the U.S. of A

The experience in South Africa was a treasure to her.  Her host family was…IS…welcoming and embraces her as a family member.  She will have fond memories of the children and teachers at the school she was assigned to.  She will have wonderful memories of holidays taken to other corners of South Africa, as well as the surrounding countries.

She will have not-so-fond memories of what seems to be endemic across the world – the bureaucracy of governments, local and national, that seem to impede, rather than assist.  Her idealism, a necessity of youth, is tarnished a bit by beating her head against the veritable brick wall of red tape and beliefs of leaders.

But she is undeterred in life.

She has many resumés out to various organizations and firms in the Washington DC area.  Her true hope is to obtain a job which will allow her to continue ‘Saving the World’ [trumpet voluntary].

She’s coming back here to the Wilds of Ohio, where she spent most of her youth (I was going to add “growing up”, but think she did much of that in the Peace Corps).  Spending a few days with her old Pops, she’ll ease back into a lifestyle she hasn’t seen in two years.

On her wish list of things to do when she gets home –

–          Mexican food.  Mexican food, Mexican food, Mexican food.

–          A long bike ride

–          Beer, with my friends

–          Watch “Music Man” (she admits, “I don’t know why.”)

–          Eat a huge spinach salad

I’m not sure if I will get her for three day, three weeks, or three months before she begins her new life in DC.

But, we will enjoy it, Girl Child and I.


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6 Responses to “Exile Completed”

  1. Rob Says:

    Two years? Has it really been two years? Congrats on your reunion. Enjoy the time gnukid. It’s precious.

    • thegnukid Says:

      i’m impressed you remembered it being two years. and i am enjoying my time with her. so precious it is, as she’s off to begin her new life in a couple days. wah!

  2. daisyfae Says:

    Yippee, zippee, ZING! may she stay just the right amount of time, and may the mexican food and american beer, with spinach salad, while watching “The Music Man”, ease her re-entry!

    • thegnukid Says:

      we’ve hit all the list except for “Music Man”. substituted other movies and tv shows, however. and the ‘right amount of time’? i could use a bit more, but she needs to get on with her life. leaving soon.

  3. mitzigburger Says:

    Wonderful news, enjoy the return of the peaceful daughter. If I know daughters, being one myself, she will continue to yo-yo to and from your doorstep for ever! Happy reunions.

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