Irrationally Siblingated

Got a phone call from Daughter Person this afternoon.  A care package I’d sent had arrived and she wanted to thank me.  Took the opportunity to catch up a bit (why, yes, I should have been busily working instead of yakking…why do you ask?).

One topic of conversation was the Boy Child.  She’s felt a bit left out of his life because he’s not good at keeping in touch and, complicating that, he’s been dating lately.  I may have said too much when I informed her that he’d left on vacation – – –

GnuKid:  Well, I know he left this morning.

Daughter Person:  WHAT?  He went on vacation?  Where did he go?

GK:  Jamaica.  Hey, I just got the itinerary from him last night*.

DP:  WHAT?  I’m his only sibling and he didn’t tell me he was going out of country.

GK <barely stifling my laughter>:  Well, I’m his only father and he only gave me the itinerary last night.

DP <mildly incensed>:  And he left this morning?  Is he going there with anyone?

GK <starting to feel a bit sheepish at revealing apparent Boy Child secrets)>:  Well, yes…he’s going with his girlfriend.

DP:  WHAT?**  Oh, she’s just not right for him.

GK:  What do you mean?

DP:  Well, I’ve only seen one picture of her.  She just doesn’t look to be his type.  I mean, look…she’s blonde!

GK:  I’ve only seen one picture of her and I think she’s an attractive lady and he looks very happy in the picture.

DP:  And her name…c’mon…Stacy?  Just not ‘him’***.

GK <laughing openly now t her irrationality>:  What should her name be?  Gertrude?  Stella?  Jessica?  Amy?

DP:  I don’t know…it’s just not right.

GK:  So, he should base his dating choices subject to your approval.

DP:  Well, yeah!

GK:  <laughing so I can’t talk>

Daughter Person saw the futility in further conversation on this with me and quickly changed the subject.

Trying to decide now whether or not to forewarn Boy Child.

…a storm is a’coming from South Africa…



*Which is technically true.  Now, he had told me the last time we talked on the phone that a vacation was in the works.  Apparently he didn’t even let her know he was thinking of going.  Oops.

**Now I’m starting to worry that DP’s hearing is going bad

***Okay, to be fair, Boy Child has favored darker haired women…and enjoyed hanging out with Asian young  ladies in High School.  This Scandinavian blond is a departure from his norm.


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8 Responses to “Irrationally Siblingated”

  1. Dolce Says:

    Haha…my mom and I are constantly saying “why didn’t you TELL me” to each other. Comes from not seeing enough of each other, i suppose.

  2. Ron-Yves Strouteau Says:

    Blondes aren’t my type either—but they’re not NOT my type at the same time…

    In other words—I’m a guy 🙂

  3. kyknoord Says:

    I think I have the tiniest inkling as to why he neglected to mention this to her. Please don’t tell her where I live.

  4. nursemyra Says:

    Hey I know a blonde Stacey from Ohio… she’d be about 25 now. sorry i didn’t inform your daughter sooner

  5. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    Ah, for the always-watching-out-sibling… I’m SURE she’s only got her best interest in heart.

  6. daisyfae Says:

    Put an RFID chip in his neck. She can then easily track him from the internet…

  7. thegnukid Says:

    dolce – Boy Child just doesn’t ‘think’ to tell anyone. if i’d not specifically mentioned the Costa Rica trip, it might never have crossed his mind to tell me.

    kyknoord – what was that address again?

    nursemyra – harumph! i’m sure you’ll end up on her shit list now, too, withholding information like that.

    stephanie – she’s got this abusrd thought that she must now be the maven of the family news now that my sister is gone. i must beat that out of her and quickly

    daisyfae – ooo, forgot about that…he’s already got one (and the antenna just isn’t that attractive, mind you). just need to get her to appropriate code.

  8. Lynn Says:

    i wanna go to jamaica mon!

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