ZA Commissary

A few words and pictures concerning the food in South Africa.

I enjoyed the menu options in the various places we ate.  Some, however, especially caught my attention.

We ate at a pancake house before site seeing one day.  Their pancakes are just like ours, except they roll them up like crepes and fill them with all kinds of good stuff.  The pancake side of the menu from that one – – –

Damn fine good eating!

What caught my attention on that latter was the text at the heading of the column.  I’m still wondering why there was a question mark after the “Please be patient”.

And had to chuckle at the other side of the menu where the omelets were listed – – –

"Almost"???? Ummm.... how "Almost"?

At a different restaurant, we demurred on eating dessert.  Might be because of what they were serving – – –

Hope Mickey and Minnie don't know about this...

The most popular fast food restaurant, according to Daughter Person, is KFC.  No, I didn’t eat there, but was tempted just to see if it was the same as ‘back home’.  Likewise, I didn’t eat at Subway, but did get a picture of their menu board – – –

Prices pretty comparable to the stores in the states, too.

Also in the ‘food’ theme, on the way back to Girl Child’s village, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up supplies for her for the following month or so (since it’s not easy for her to get to the store that often).  The choices and availability of foodstuffs was not that different from back home.  The prices?  Yeah, a bit different for some items.  Cheaper for some things, more expensive for others.  What really struck me was that each aisle of food had what I call an “Aisle Captain”.  There was at least one person in each aisle we went to.  They were in charge of that aisle, making sure it looked good, was kept stocked, and customers were helped.  Won’t see that in the States, I’m thinking.  Their presence made taking pictures there a bit difficult, feeling a bit sheepish (baaa!!) about snapping pictures of food.  I did get a couple I wanted to share, though – – –

Well, we ARE in Africa, right?

And, a tribute to truth in advertising, Daughter Person got some butter for herself and her host family – – –

Yep, I may as well just spread it around my gut...

How did stuff taste?  Like food… Some restaurants were very yummy, some not so.

Just like back home…

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8 Responses to “ZA Commissary”

  1. S. Le Says:

    Interesting reading those menus? (thought I’d try changing up the punctuation as well.)

    Definitely don’t wanna try the fat spread. My fat is spread far enough, thank you?

  2. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    what, is a shaved game biltong?
    Gad, the fur in your teeth would take away from the rest of the omlet.

  3. daisyfae Says:

    Mmmmm… chocolate mouse cake…. just like momma used to make!

  4. Dennis the Vizsla Says:

    I don’t like mouse cake. The tails get caught between my teeth.

  5. kyknoord Says:

    You don’t know what you missed. Those mice were specially imported from Austria.

  6. nursemyra Says:

    I’ve heard mice taste just like chicken

  7. Dolce Says:

    chocolate mouse is a local delicacy…yeah.

  8. thegnukid Says:

    s. le – but, it’s “MEDIUM” fat spread. that’s not so bad, is it?

    stephanie – i think they have ‘game aestheticians’ to take care of stuff like that.

    daisyfae – guess you have to make do with what’s available in the trailer park, right?

    dennis – oh, then they’re not made right. the tails are usually removed ahead of time (and saved to make the ratatouille)

    kyknoord – damn, and i missed my chance. those austrian mice are gamier than the south african ones, right?

    nursemyra – really? [blanching] well, i’m sure someone actually has tried every critter out there.

    dolce – dammit! then i missed an opportunity to experience a local cuisine. one of my goals for the trip. just have to come back…for the guided tour?

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