Where in the world…

In my continuing theme of shamelessly piggybacking on other bloggers ideas, I join the scrumptious and flamboyant Daisyfae.  Well, not actually join…I honestly would much rather be where she is — sun, beach, relaxing… but must, instead, virtually join in the blogosphere.

While she is enjoying the sand between her toes and the sun on her shoulders, I, still here in The Wilds, must be satisfied with what’s available on the environmental menu.


Okay, I suppose I could’ve gone out an had the sun on my shoulders (it is a brilliant, blue sky day here), but I can take this farce only so far.

On suggestion, I’m going to write my name in the snow soon… no, no pictures of that!

Enjoy the day, wherever you are!

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9 Responses to “Where in the world…”

  1. Rob Says:

    Ha ha! Good one gnukid. It’s sunny here too, but warmer than your 16F. Saw a guy wearing shorts today. Canadians are quick to don shorts and flip flops. Even slightly zero C weather is no deterrent!

  2. daisyfae Says:

    oh, you’re a silly one… and that’s GOTTA be cold on the legs. even winter sunshine is good for your soul. roll around naked for a bit. the neighbors will love you for it…

  3. Dennis the Vizsla Says:

    Cooling your heels?

  4. Kym Says:

    Brrr! I got a grin out of your pain though…

  5. tysdaddy Says:

    Very . . . grassy.


    But like you, I’d take a day with daisyfae any day over this crap.

  6. Sally Says:

    OK that’s funny, Gnu. Good one.
    And what cute little knobby kneecaps too! teehee.

  7. Mitzi G Burger Says:

    Actually this little stunt of innocent fun is a bit of a kink for some people. Not that there’s any snow around here to try it out of course …

  8. S. Le Says:

    Hilarious. Looks like it does around here sans bare feet/legs.

  9. writerdood Says:

    Sorry, I can’t come up with a witty response.
    Witty Response FAIL!

    That looks cold dude.

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