Gracious Helps

I received this blog award from a woman who dabbles in the absurdity of life, S. Le – –

When she got it, then forwarded the award, she listed the rules attached to this award.

The rules are:

1. List 5 things that make you happy.
2. Try to do at least one thing on the list today.
3. List 5 bloggers who brighten your day. Pass it on to five friends. (Please let them know they received the awards with a comment or email).
4. Those of you to whom I give this award are to link back to my blog and perpetuate the happy with your own lists and recipients and whatnot.

Now, I truly appreciate and humbly accept this award.  But I’m not going to do #3 right now.  Later, ‘kay?

But, I can do #1, 2, and 4 of the rules…

Five things what make me happy:

  1. My kidlets, Boy Child and Daughter Person
  2. My chosen ‘family’ of friends
  3. Flying
  4. Scuba diving
  5. Chocolate ice cream with peanuts sprinkled on top, then muxed* together

Now, I’ve called the kidlets today and chatted with Dear Friend, so I’ve met the second rule requirement for my first and second ‘happy’.  Weather is too messy for flying.  Too cold to scuba locally.  And the damn diet prevents me from indulging in the ice cream.  Will hit those another time.

So, I’m going to create a new page for my awards.  I feel good about getting them (thank you S. Le).


*muxed:  past imperfect of ‘mixed’, meaning to just mash it all together until it’s a delicious slurry of flavorful fun

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6 Responses to “Gracious Helps”

  1. nursemyra Says:

    congratulations on the award. my kidlets make me happy too

  2. Dennis the Vizsla Says:

    We haven’t got any kidlets, but we’ve got doglets. 🙂

  3. S. Le Says:

    Nice new word that! Oh and, you’re welcome!

  4. hisqueen Says:

    great award..change the peanuts to almonds and you’ve got me..
    just half what you usually eat and twice what you usually exercise and you could indulge each weekend. easier said than done..I know.

  5. daisyfae Says:

    kidlets at the top of my list, too… most days!

  6. Mitzi G Burger Says:

    My niecelet makes me happy, and also a bit secure about the world’s future of devotion to the arts of singing, dancing and asking people obvious but polite questions. One thing I noticed is that Americans say ‘flavorful’ while Aussies and probably Anglos say ‘flavoursome’.

    I too am on a stricter chocolate ice cream intake regime. Am reverse psychologically brainwashing myself to generate celerylust and salad cravings (familiar enough, my love of salad, but usually when decorated with cheese, cashews and rivers of oily dressing. Mmmm, salad.)

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