Wishful Thinking

Yesterday I told the story about running over a rabbit while driving to go for a bike ride.  And my faithful reader(s?) will recall that my friend and I agreed to return a different route in order to avoid seeing the results of that tragedy.  Gruesome or otherwise, I really didn’t want to see what I had a hand in (stupidity of the rabbit being in the middle of the road as a major contributor aside).

However, the next day, there we were heading over to do some more exercise.  And, forgetting the events of the prior day, headed over the same road.  We both cringed as we realized simultaneously that we would be witness to road kill of our doing.*

As we neared the scene of the crime, we didn’t see a corpse.  Now, the Wilds of Ohio has plenty of road kill and the state actually does clean it up.  But, like any bureaucracy, takes its own damn good time in doing so.  A day later and they’ve already cleared the corpse?  Not likely…

So, we started to wonder…I did hit the little guy, but did I just stun him?  Did  he actually listen attentively in bun bun school when they were showing the “Roads of Death” film in Rabbit Safety 101?  You know, the part where they urge all rabbits in a similar situation to “Stop, Drop, and Roll”?

Friend:  “I’m sure he just was dazed!”

GnuKid:  “Yes, I’m sure of it.  He likely just had his fuzzy little ears knicked up a bit.”

Friend:  “Yes, that’s it.  He likely got up, brushed himself off, hopped on his merry way, and is, even now, happily making new bunnies…”

GnuKid:  “…with tattered ears.”

Our wishful thinking was brought to an abrupt end when we realized we were NOT at the scene of the accident.  Driving around the next bend, there was a furry, lifeless, gray corpse on the side of the road.


But part of me is still hopeful…maybe that was some poor guy’s toupee that blew off his head while driving a convertible…


okay, but a little more gray than this...

…and bun bun is, even now, doing what rabbits do best…

bunny sex FAIL2

bunny sex FAIL

Yeah…wishful thinking…

*Notice how I’ve cleverly assigned some of the blame to her?  “…our doing.”?  Makes me feel less guilty.

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4 Responses to “Wishful Thinking”

  1. Rob Says:

    Yeah, a toupée! Yeah, that’s it!

    Right. Bunny killer.

    Reminds me of the time I caught a big ol’ quill pig (you know, a porcupine) a-midships with the ol’ Chevy Astro. I wasn’t trying, but I think I kilt it. Even had several quills stuck in one of the rubber blocks for the front torsion bar for a while. Other than that, no vehicular damage. Not like the time I took out a covey of Hungarian partridge with my Mom’s station wagon. And I took out the grille on the car too…… Can you say “Crazy Glue” saved my ass? Yeah, no it didn’t. Cheap, plastic shit anyways.

  2. hisqueen Says:

    at least it was something small and not one of our overfed, gigantic deer that favor these “wilds of ohio”

    didn’t your parents ever tell you to clean up after yourselves? Where is the Rabbit Stew?

  3. daisyfae Says:

    is there a ‘roadkill’ waiting list in ohio? in some states, you can sign up to get on a list for deer… probably not possum or squirrel or rabbit… but that would perhaps make you feel better!

  4. thegnukid Says:

    rob – stab me in the heart with the “bunny killer” title… wah!!! all that therapy, down the drain…. had to laugh at the porkypine story. we’re not blessed with such critters around here, though they’d be fun.

    hisqueen – yeah, that would’ve put a dent in the car and bigger dent in my mood. i thought the roadkill festival was in west-by-god-virginia. yeah, maybe a bit of hausenpfeffer would be tasty in this weather.

    daisyfae – ooo, yeah, being from the trailer park, you would be thinking “free vittles!”. don’t think there was enough meat on the little bun bun to do more than tease the tastebuds

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