Good Things From The Garden

Have never seen a Pecker Pepper before….

These are actual peppers from a garden.  They are called ‘Peter Peppers’, a variety of Datil pepper (though I’ve never seen one in the… ummm… flesh, so to speak).

who's going to pick a peck of these?

who's going to pick a peck of these?

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Let the clever, festive, and feisty comments commence…


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5 Responses to “Good Things From The Garden”

  1. Rob Says:

    Are those supposed to resemble the human male’s member? I can’t tell, having never seen one from that angle. I’ll have to leave that judgement to the women. Or, in the interest of diversity, to the gay men.

    Other than that, they seem woefully small. I guess I relate more to the zucchini in our garden…

  2. hisqueen Says:

    Are they hot?…I think you should convince Olive Garden to put these in their salads.
    They do seem awfully small but the saying goes “size doesn’t matter”
    Everything else I have to say is just wrong.

  3. nursemyra Says:

    Those peppers are making me horny…..

  4. thegnukid Says:

    rob – i’ve read that they can actually grow to 18″ in length…is that more relatable to you? and if it is, all i have to say is “KUDOS!”

    hisqueen – no clue, i’ve never actually eaten one. just found this on the web. and saying the wrong thing? half the fun…

    nursemyra – good! a hoped for reaction (disregarding the size issue already discussed by rob and hisqueen). now, what can i do to help you alleviate that condition? i’m here to help…

  5. daisyfae Says:

    so, hypothetically speaking… how big do you think these things would get with a case of Miracle-Gro and some steroids thrown in for good measure? hypothetically, of course…

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