Secrets Beneath

Running an errand at lunch today at Wallyworldmart, I engaged in a much enjoyed past time of people watching.  The department I was headed for was beyond the women’s clothing section and I noticed a woman shopping there.  She was wearing religious head wear…it’s not important which religion…many religions have their women wear specific head coverings — Jewish, Muslim, Amish….  Further, her clothes were very conservative, both in color and style.

And, note, this is NOT a diatribe about whether or not women should have to wear certain clothing as a part of their religion or culture.

What this IS – – perhaps a bit insensitive, but nontheless – – is me finding glee in the fact that this obviously devout and conservative woman was intently perusing the women’s panties display and paying particularly close attention to the extremely colorful and un-conservative styles that were there.


Yep, these were being looked at

Yep, these were being looked at


..and a myriad selection and color variety of these...

..and a myriad selection and color variety of these...

My enjoyment at this was not remotely sexual in nature…

…I was just tickled to see even conservative women have a tawdry streak in them…

And I suppose women everywhere just want to feel pretty.


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8 Responses to “Secrets Beneath”

  1. nursemyra Says:

    nothing surprises me when it comes to underwear 😉

  2. Tony Says:

    The first pair are rather exciting….

  3. Tony Says:

    Oh, I hope my previous comment doesn’t make me seem like a pervert, I’m not, I just thought they were really nice. Maybe I shoulda said nice the first time instead of exciting

  4. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    I thought you knew that…. under our business suits, we’re all tied up and pushed together.

  5. daisyfae Says:

    the more conservative my outerwear? the more frightening my underwear! stephanie’s got it right!

  6. hisqueen Says:

    Oh you have no idea of the things I saw while in Syria. I too was a bit shocked and suprised. I thought every piece of clothing was suppose to be ultra conservative. Boy were my eyes opened. It’s only ultra conservative for outsiders but at home with their husbands and fellow female companions it’s all out. The lingerie was out of this world.
    Also, there are almost no shoes for women below a 3 inch heel. I finally gave up looking for new sandals. I was afraid I’d break my ankle with all the walking we had to do.

  7. thegnukid Says:

    nursemyra – exactly! great article. i’m thinking i need to be looking for women like that

    stephanie – well, i DID know that… i just didn’t think it was so… colorful… and playful… still makes me smile

    daisyfae – hmmm, based on prior posts, i’d have thought you’d be the tawdry poster woman [chuckle]

    hisqueen – my eyes are being opened continually to new things about this world. i need to get out more. thanks for validating my observations!

  8. gitwizard Says:

    Hi GnuKid,
    First visit, c/o NurseMyra’s ‘T-Shirt Friday’.
    Great post, but can’t comment about my last girlfriend’s underwear….ooh, excuse me…. I just need to check out my photo collection….

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