Not My People

With the Daughter Person going off on her Peace Corps adventure soon (see last post), the shopping spree has begun.  The Peace Corps sent her a list of things they suggest she bring along with her (seemingly in contradiction to the space limitations they also levied on her).  She’s also been pinging internet support sites from current and past volunteers (“Yeah, the Corps says to bring thus-and-so, but don’t bother…DO bring this-and-that…”).

Daughter Person wanted to go to a new, outdoorsman store on the north side of town – Gander Mountain.  She figured she could get a few of the more arcane things on her list there.  For example, water purification tablets.  Well, that and she just likes shopping at new places.

I think that shopping gene skips generations… or gender…  I am not a ‘shop for the sake of shopping’ kind of guy.  Okay, I did enjoy seeing some of the stuff in there (thinking about short combination camping and biking trips, for example).  But, generally, I was waiting on her to finish up.

As I wandered from the fishing department to the camping department to the hunting department, I was struck by an odd feeling.

These are not ‘my’ people.

invite 'em in for lunch!

invite 'em in for lunch!

They are all nice enough folks, from the looks of them.  Nothing untoward or evil about them.  They appeared to have all their teeth and mullet haircuts were not to be seen.  Yeah, there was the occasional John Deere baseball cap and Budweiser t-shirt.  And I like those things (though wouldn’t wear the hat or t-shirt for liking them).

It was just a feeling.

Now, I’m not a namby-pamby, city-fied snob.

stick the nose higher...

stick the nose higher...

I do enjoy the outdoors.  Have camped and fished.  Actually, I do pretty well at fitting in with just about any group of people I encounter.  A friend once called me a ‘chameleon’ when it comes to blending into multi-social crowds.  Doesn’t mean I always feel comfortable doing so.  Think this was one of those times.

Nice people.

Just not ‘my’ people.


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7 Responses to “Not My People”

  1. Sassy Miss P Says:

    Water purification tablets? This is South Africa, not the bloody Amazon. Granted, there are a few places where fresh water may be a problem, out in the rural areas, but you can get those everywhere, and cheap. We’re not quite darkest Africa ;p

  2. daisyfae Says:

    why is camper-dude pouring coffee on his trousers? i only did that with beer back when i used to go camping…

  3. silverstar98121 Says:

    I think the cubs might have frightened him, Daisy Fae. Well, not the cubs exactly, but the thought that Mama Bear was somewhere nearby.

    I used to love to camp and fish. Still do, really. But no, they are not my people, either. Around here you have to hike, bike and kayak long miles to qualify.

  4. mstngsal22 Says:

    That’s not coffee. Look at the guy’s cheeks. I know how you feel. Not that you couldn’t get along with anyone, but there’s something off. I get that feeling in most “Moms groups”.

  5. Rob Says:

    Ah, yes. The American sportsman. I was raised to regard said animal with incredible disdain. They always showed up in our neck of the woods outfitted in the most modern and incredible of gear. They would flaunt it, too, but it was funny as usually they didn’t really know how to use most of it.

    My grandfather was a conservation officer in Ontario (although, back then they were referred to as “game wardens”) and he had some interesting tales to tell about encounters with American sportsmen.

    One time, he entered a camp to find some duck hunters eager to display the day’s take. Strung up were about a dozen northern Loons. Yep, loons. Even though they’re protected (and so it’s illegal to kill them) he didn’t have the heart to confiscate them and ticket the hunters. He figured that their eating those loons would be punishment enough.

    Then there was the group with the boat with the .50 caliber machine gun mounted on the bow. They didn’t understand why it wasn’t okay to roar up and down the river machine gunning deer on the river banks.

    And then there were the “sound-shots”. WTF?


    A bit off topic, I suppose. Good luck to the girl in getting geared up for her stint in the peace corps.

  6. hisqueen Says:

    they have flavored water purification tabs now…I think?? my brother goes to wild country Colorado every year for moose hunting..He has to take the tabs since they use the creek water to drink. He refuses to carry jugs of water for the 5 mile hike. I love him even if he does hunt..thank god he doesn’t drink or wear beer hats/shirts.

  7. anniegirl1138 Says:

    I always liked strolling through the mega sports store at the mall where I lived in Iowa. It was amazing and made me want to be an outdoorsy kind of girl. I am not, as Rob will attest, much of pseudo-frontierswoman. On the Oregon trail, I would have been the roadside memorial next to the dining room furniture and the bison skull.

    Blending is a great skill to have. You are lucky.

    Good luck to the girl.

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