Magic Pool

Here on scuba vacation, doing my first salt-water dives.  Staying at a fairly nice hotel near town on the waterfront.  On arrival, my companion and I wandered down to the bar to get a celebratory drink for our adventure.  One of the other guests was there, already quit lit up with alcoholic excess.  Dressed in still-wet swimsuit, he loudly cautioned all of our group – – –

“Watch out for that pool…it’ll get you drunk!!”

Last night we finally got to experience the hotel pool…and damned if that guy wasn’t right!

A swim up bar aided in the ‘magic’ of the pool.  And when that bar closed at 5 pm, the next closest bar was glad to give us plastic cups to continue our adventures in alcohol versus pool swimming experimentation*.  Several drinks later (including a chugging contest between two of the other scuba group), and my companion and I were staggering…yes, even in the pool.

“…it’ll get you drunk!”

…and I recommend it highly.


*…also come to find out, this being our first ‘real’ scuba trip, that the nitrogen build up in the system is a great contributor to both easily getting exhausted and, especially, getting drunk faster!

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7 Responses to “Magic Pool”

  1. hisqueen Says:

    may I just say…it seems a bit “fishy” that you and Daisy are both on a scuba dive at the same time…
    hhmm…have fun and stay safe..

  2. nursemyra Says:

    I could get a hangover just reading about getting drunk in a swimming pool

  3. silverstar98121 Says:

    Watch those libations in the water. People drown that way. Like hisqueen says, “Have fun, and stay safe.”

  4. Sassy Miss P Says:

    I’ve done that a few times. Sat on the top step of a pool, sipping those little fruit coolers. Not sure if the sun and the water up the potency of the alcohol, but it sure seemed like it, fun days. And good call on the plastic cups, nothing worse than trying to dive out a broken glass from the bottom of the pool 🙂

  5. Rob Says:

    So, avoiding nitrogen narcosis and getting drunk faster, but how intense is the hangover?

    Ain’t chemistry wonderful?

    Encounter any giant squid?

  6. thegnukid Says:

    @hisqueen – [whistling nonchalantly and noncommitally]

    @nursemyra – don’t know if it was the sea air or what, but no hangovers ensued (remarkably)

    @silverstar – having a great…and safe…time

    @miss p – i could actually get used to this once in awhile…volunteers?

    @rob – no clue why there waan’t more of a hangover, but glad the next morning wasn’t painful. And the only squid seen was on the restaurant menu.

  7. mstngsal22 Says:

    Sounds like you had a great time – and what an economical way to enjoy an evening – you cheap drunk you.

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