Rule One, Rule Two

I introduced my friend, Dr. Jim, in a prior post.

Dr. Jim preceded me in divorcing his 1st wife some 20 years ago.  As me friend, he has in the past and continues to counsel and advise me on life issues, to include my marital issues (culminating, obviously, in my own divorce).

I expressed a concern to him, long ago, about being both alone and lonely—especially the physical and sexual intimacies I knew (and still know) I desired.

He captures the essence of what is likely known by everyone (including me), but put it in terms which were readily understandable and resonate well with me.  It will serve as a touchstone to my dating adventures I’m embarking upon.

While this concept was explained for my benefit, as a man, I am very sure (sorry guys, I am) that it could equally be applied by swapping genders for the following:

Dr. Jim’s “Rules For Women”

Rule ONE:  All women are crazy.  No exceptions.  It is, however, clearly a matter of ‘how much’.


even good looking can't compensate for too crazy

even good looking can't compensate for too crazy


Rule TWO:  You still gotta get laid.





Therefore—you have to balance the degree to which a woman is crazy against the degree to which you gotta get laid.  With this rule, there are clearly some women you should not sleep with.  And, with this rule, there may come a time where you must sleep with someone you shouldn’t have.

Now, obviously, figuring out those “degrees” is the difficult part.  Some women hide their craziness better than others.



Still going to date.

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7 Responses to “Rule One, Rule Two”

  1. anniegirl1138 Says:

    And provided no one in your potential dating pool reads this – you might get laid.

  2. nursemyra Says:

    haha…. best of luck gnukid 😉

  3. hisqueen Says:

    why would you say we are all crazy? I thought that was a secret only know by us women…Stock up on the xanax now..half in a drink should calm us down enough to appear normal.
    better yet…first date, use her bathroom and check out the medicine cabinet..any know antidepressant, antianxiety or just plain anti anything pills…run for your life

  4. silverstar98121 Says:

    I would counter hisqueens advice by noting that if she has psychotropic drugs, she’s trying to do something about her craziness. I would be more fearful if she didn’t have any drugs, or the prescriptions were out of date.

  5. beaverboosh Says:

    oooh, more wise counsel young grashopper, heed the doctor’s advice…

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